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IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Latest instalment in the acclaimed IL-2 Sturmovik series from award-winning developer Maddox Games.

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Old 04-11-2011, 03:05 PM
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Arrow Read before posting - the rules

Read before posting!

First... if you believe a posting should be reported click the little triangle in the upper right corner and report it. Your report will be anonymous and appreciated, mods cannot be everywhere at once.

1. The topmost or sticky sections of this forums are for current relevant productive discussions about the BOB COD.

2. Whines, complaints, personal attacks, and other verbal nonsense postings may be deleted with no explanation and offending members may be banned.

3 - Discussion about, references, simple conversations,referrals and links to IL2 mods or MOD sites are prohibited everywhere on this site.

4.- Discussions about non-related games (that are not war,air combat, or flight simulation) are not to be discussed on this forums, especially negative contents and comparisons.

5.- Discussions about hardware and software products that are used in association with IL2 genre type software are acceptable, i.e., Track-ir, joysticks,etc.

Here is the link to Rules and Regulations for this forums


The developers constantly post on this site. The members of this forums want good rapport with the developers.

Those of us who have been with IL2 for over 10+ years know with a sophisticated application as BOB COD it takes time to work through issues.

PC based games are much more difficult to develop applications. PC gamers have all types of video cards, processors, monitors, motherboards, sound cards, headset, joysticks... and all of those peripheral devices have their own issues as well.

If you cannot participate with our members with constructive discussions you definitely need to go somewhere else.

Rants and whines, and verbal blastings are cause for ban.

Our members want continued good discussion relationships with the developers and technically competent users.

Moderators serve and enforce what members expect to maintain these relationships.

Violations of RULE 13 = the vulgarity rule
13. Usage of obscene expressions, words and similar phrases as nicknames or other elements of user profile (email address, location etc.) is prohibited. The connotation of a phrase is determined by a moderator. Their decision is final in cases of questionable spelling. Usage of nicknames which might suggest their owner to be other forum users is also prohibited. Usage of pornographic, suggestive or obscene images as user pictures (avatars) is prohibited. Moderators and administrators have the right to delete such avatars, personal information and user signatures without prior warning.

If you use vulgarity and vulgar words in a discussion --- you may be banned

14. Discussion of topics which were locked by an administrator or a moderator is prohibited. Any kind of discussion concerning moderators' or administrators' actions is prohibited. All questions regarding forum operation should be sent to admin at 1cpublishing.eu.

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Old 02-04-2012, 06:31 PM
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Arrow Infractions - fyi

The attachments below describe the new Infractions system on the 1C fourms.

POINTS is pre-set weighted value for infraction based on forum rules
EXPIRES is the time period for points and infractions accumulation
If Infractions or points during expires period equals or exceeds the POINTS or INFRACTIONS required for BAN, the BAN PERIOD sets automatically.
If you receive less than TOTAL POINTS or TOTAL INFRACTIONS to receive ban during the EXPIRES period INFRACTIONS are reset

You will receive a notice if your posting is cited for an infraction.

Moderators cite infractions and accumulated infractions are automatically calculated for bans.

Moderators still have authority to over-ride and make their own decisions on individual basis.

Reported posts are now logged and the information on those postings is available to all moderators for action.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg capture_001_02032012_070908.jpg (267.9 KB, 268 views)
File Type: jpg capture_002_02032012_070937.jpg (49.6 KB, 155 views)

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Old 02-05-2012, 08:15 AM
FS~Phat FS~Phat is offline
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For clarification on the infraction system read below.

Each infraction a moderator applies to an account accumulates a number of points for a defined period. The first graphic details what these infractions are categorised as, their value, and how long they apply before they expire. Think of it as a point system on your license that gets reset (in Australia at least) every 3 years. Lose enough points and you lose your license!

In the case of the forum infraction system, the reset periods vary dependent on each category of infraction but the majority expire in 30days. (this maybe revised up or down in the future as we deem necessary)

The 2nd graphic shows what the different ban periods are for accumulated infraction points.
Until your infraction points expire for each infraction, they accumulate and if you get too many points you will trip an automatic ban dependant on how many points you accumulated.

If you incur just 3 concurrent infractions in a month, you will automatically receive a 1 week ban.
For 5 x "general rule violations" in 30 days (5 points each - total 25) it would automatically trigger a 1 month ban.

I hope that helps clarify.
BTW ignorance to the rules is not a reason to be excused, (as has always been the case) so I would suggest you all carefully read the rules and if you have questions please PM a moderator. (dont start a thread!)
We will use our own discretion as to when to provide a warning and when to apply the infraction points for a limited time as we introduce the new infraction system to give users a short period of adjustment.
Thanks Nearmiss for putting this together!

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Old 04-27-2012, 07:25 PM
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Default how to use the 'ignore' function

There are many different members here, and not everyone will like to read everyones posts. After several members requests on how to use the 'ignore' feature I felt it would be useful to put a guide up. The forum has a very useful feature that means you will not see certain members posts if you choose not to. It can be useful to put someone on your ignore list rather than be drawn in to an embarrassing public argument that you might regret later when you look at the thread.
The following pictures illustrate how to do it, and the result! (And no, I don't have an ignore list...)

1: Click on UserCP

2: Click on Edit Ignore List

3: Add a name into the box, and click Okay

4: You will then see this screen, with a tick against the name. Click on Save Changes

5: When you look at a thread with people on your ignore list you will see this (names removed in the picture) :

6: Enjoy the results!

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