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Pilot's Lounge Members meetup

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Old 12-23-2023, 02:08 PM
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Default Adlertag #4 Event: Sat Jan 6, 2024 2000 GMT on ATAG Server

Hey everyone,

The struggle continues! We’re starting the New Year with another fantastic event created by OBT~Polak: Adlertag 4. This event will play on Saturday, January 6, 2024 at 20h00 GMT on the ATAG Axis vs Allies Public Server. This event will be accessible to both Blitz-only and Blitz+Tobruk players.
All welcome!
See you all there!!!

Army Red
Wednesday 14 August 1940.
11.30 in the morning.
SCRAMBLE!!! Situational Report
Gentlemen... the final assault of the Luftwaffe continues. If yesterday was a very hard day, we suspect that today will prove even more difficult!
I have it on good authority that 'Stuffy' Dowding expects the Germans will throw the entire Luftwaffe into the battle...
For a month now, the Germans have been trying to isolate us by sinking our ships in the Channel.
We have proven their strategy to be ineffective and German high command now understands this well.
However, since yesterday we have confirmation that they have changed their strategy and are now hell bent on directly attacking Fighter Command.
Gentlemen, what we can now call the Battle of Britain has begun and the days to come may well prove the most important in the history of the United Kingdom and the democracies of the free world!!!
You, the fighter pilots that our Prime Minister calls 'The Few,' are the last rampart against the invasion and submission of our glorious island!
Listen up! The details......
Our radar stations have detected three German raids in formation over France.
Enemy bombers and their escort fighters will probably try to assemble above Pas de Calais.
The first two raids are grouped between Dunkerque(CL.46) and Grand-Fort-Philippe(CL.45) at an altitude of around 10,000 feet. Be careful: the German escort fighters are probably much higher...
A third raid arriving from Normandy, was detected by the radar station at Ventnor and is probably made up of Ju 88s from I./KG 2. By 12.30pm, we expect them to be at an altitude of approximately 13000 feet, in the Wissant sector. (CA.42)

1, Intercept these three German raids before they can drop their bombs.
Stop them before they can reach the coast.
2, Organize coastal patrols and interception raids over the Channel.
3, Protect all airfields between Littlestone(BS 45), Croydon (BC 52) and Ramsgate (BX 52).

Keep one thing in mind, a pilot alone is a dead pilot! Stay grouped around your leader. Keep eyes on your wingman and dive into the enemy when you are sure to have the advantage.
Return alive and if possible with your plane ready to take off again immediately!
The Germans have forced us into a war of attrition, where each aircraft and every pilot is a precious resource.
God save the King and the British Empire!!!

1, Provide aerial cover above:
a, Military camp (BW.51)
b, Ramsgate Railyard and its warehouses (BY.52)
c, Dover radar station (BX.4
d,Rye radar station (BQ.44)
e, Dunkirk radar station (BR.51)
f, Canewdon radar station (BO.5

Available aircraft:
Spitfire Ia, Spitfire Ia (100oct):
No 65 squadron at Ramsgate (BY.53).
No 266 squadron at Eastchurch (BQ 53).
No 603 squadron at Hornchurch (BH 56).
No 72 squadron at Biggin hill (BF 51).

Hurricanes I (DH5-20), Hurricanes (DH 5-20 100oct), Hurricanes I (Rotol),
Hurricanes I (Rotol 100oct):
No 501 Squadron at Kenley (BD 51).
No 501 Squadron at Rochester (BL.52)
No 605 at Croydon (BC 52).
No 604 at Canterbury (BU 50).

Radar Menus
TAB 7 1 can provide you with the position of enemy aircraft relative to your position, if you are close enough.
TAB 4 menu gives you access to 'refuel and rearm.'
To use ' refuel and rearm'......undamaged aircraft must be stopped at an airfield, with engine, magnetos, and fuel cocks switched off.

Army Blue
Wednesday 14 August 1940.
11.30 in the morning.
Kamaraden: this is the second day of our final assault on Engeland.
The RAF think she can stop us but we will show them surrender...... is the only option left.
We will destroy their airfields as well as their military installations one after the other!
The United Kingdom is the last obstacle standing in the way of our final victory. Let us destroy the RAF so that even the dreaded Royal Navy will not be able to prevent us from invading England!!!
Today, we are going to launch several waves of bombers, which will follow each other within a few minutes. This will force the RAF to launch all their squadrons into battle and will finally make them understand...... that they cannot stop us.
Some high-ranking members of the Luftwaffe say that we fighter pilots are cowards and are refusing to escort bombers over England...
Let us show them...... and all British pilots...... that nothing and no one can stop the German fighter!!!

PRIMARY OBJECTIVES (Fighter pilots):
You must plan to escort the three bomber raids of the day.
1, You will rendezvous with the Dornier Do 17's of 11./KG 2. at 11.50 in the morning, above Dunkerque (CL.46) at 3000 meters.
2, You will rendezvous with Ju 87 Stukas from II./St.G 1 . at 12.10 in the morning, above Grand-Fort-Philippe (CL.45) also at 3000 meters. These aircraft will form the 2nd raid.
3, You will rendezvous with the Ju 88's from Kampfgeschwader 2. at 12h30 in the morning above Wissant (CA.42) at 4000 meters. These aircraft will form the 3rd raid of the day.

Escort these three raids over their targets in Kent and on their return to France!!!
If you miss the rendezvous with the bombers, they will be unescorted over England and therefore highly vulnerable...... and you will be solely responsible for the fate of your kamarads
Keep close escort above the bombers!
4, Some fighter patrols should fly CAP above our bomber objectives to deny access to RAF pilots.
5. Organize patrols from Littlestone (BS.45) to Ramsgate (BY.53) to the south east suburbs of London (BE.51)

a, Sturry RAF storage sheds (BU.51)
b, Military camp (BW.51)
c, Ramsgate Railyard and its warehouses (BY.52)
d, Brentwood rubber factory (BI.5
e, Dover radar station (BX.4
f, Rye radar station (BQ.44)
g, Dunkirk radar station (BR.51)
h, Canewdon radar station (BO.5
i, Merchant ships in Folkestone harbor (BV.46)

Available aircraft:
Bf 109 E1, E3, E4
II /JG 52 at Coquelle (CE 43).
I /JG 51 at Saint Iglevert (CD 42).
I /JG 26 at Audembert (CC 42).
II /JG 26 at Marquise (CC 41).
I /JG 53 at Sempy (CF 33).
Bf 110 C2, C4, C4B, C7
III /ZG 76 at Boulogne (CA 3.

Ju 87 B-2
IV.(St)/LG1 at Oye-Plage (CH.44)

Ju 88 A-1
I./KG 3 at Tramecourt (CJ.33)

Radar Menus
TAB 7 1 can provide you with the position of enemy aircraft relative to your position, if you are close enough.
TAB 4 menu gives you access to 'refuel and rearm.'
To use ' refuel and rearm'......undamaged aircraft must be stopped at an airfield, with engine, magnetos, and fuel cocks switched off.
'Gentlemen! I wish you 'Good Hunting!'

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Old 04-02-2024, 07:10 AM
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Default game

Join the ranks of snake enthusiasts worldwide and become a master of Snake io's intricate gameplay mechanics.
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Old 07-04-2024, 08:33 AM
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Climb to higher altitudes to gain an advantage over the incoming bombers and escorts. Use the altitude to dive down on the enemy. Dinosaur Game
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