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Elven Legacy (sequel to Fantasy Wars) Sequel to Fantasy Wars. Turn-based strategy game set in a fantasy world.

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Default Elven Legacy Hard Difficulty, Gold Medal Guide

Elven Legacy Walkthrough
Revision 3
Contact: mjfaqs@live.com


1. General Tips
2. Single Player Missions
3. Elven Legacy Walkthrough
4. Elven Legacy: Ranger Walkthrough
5. Elven Legacy: Siege Walkthrough
6. Elven Legacy: Magic Walkthrough
7. Fantasy Wars Walkthrough
8. Data Tables

This guide covers Elven Legacy and all 3 expansions - Siege, Magic, and Ranger
(70 campaign missions, 3 single player missions). It also covers Fantasy Wars
(28 campaign missions, 4 single player missions). The guide is written with
the goal of getting a Gold medal on Hard difficulty for every mission in the

Revision History

05/18/2010 - First revision.
05/24/2010 - 2nd revision. Finished Siege and Magic missions, added data
05/31/2010 - 3rd revision. Finished Siege/Magic for real this time. Only the
single player missions and Fantasy Wars remains.

1. General Tips

Being a classic SRPG, your party status plays an important role in how easy or
difficult the game becomes. If you start off badly and let units die, choose
poor perks, and miss artifacts/gold/recruits/quests, you will find the game
will become progressively more difficult until it's impossible to get a Gold
rating on Hard difficulty. On the other hand, if you play well, you'll be
able to keep up with the challenge on the later missions, and even find the
game becoming easier due to your repeated successes. Even if it seems
insignificant, every little bit helps, so always play efficiently.

Most damage outcomes vary by -1 to +1, so save/reloading a lot will not help
much if your overall strategy is poor.

AOE attacks and magic are important in the original Elven Legacy, since they
have infinite range and deal significant damage. AOE attacks cover 7 hexes
and are essential for getting gold on some maps against large groups of
enemies defending a goal point. Single target magic is also essential for
attacking far away enemies. Never miss a magic damage artifact and always
learn AOE perks if available (Gylven AOEs and Skyship AOEs). In the
expansions, the importance of AOE is toned down, but still helpful.

Take every opportunity to build XP. Using any ability or artifact builds XP
regardless of its effect - if your unit can't attack an enemy, use an artifact
or ability just for the XP. Sometimes you can earn XP by stepping on hexes or
completing quests. Never finish a story mission before the last Gold medal
turn, instead use that time to build XP. Once you complete a mission you can
usually issue more orders before ending it, so use up everyones turn before

You're not supposed to let your units die - you need to keep them alive and
level them up. Generally it's OK to use whatever you're given by the game,
but sometimes you'll want better units or more variety. For most of the
original Elven Legacy you're limited to 10 units on the map, but that
increases to 13, 14, and 16 in the last 3 missions. Consider rotating out
level 5 (max level) units early on to give other units a chance at XP, because
you can use them all eventually on the last 3 missions. Don't dismiss any top
tier units you get unless you start going over 16 total units. In the
expansions, there are missions with up to 18 allied units.

It's best to tank with heroes and flying units - these units never suffer
individual unit death so they can always rest to full if there are no enemies
nearby. Elf Wardens that can learn Warden's Resurrection are also great for
tanking because they will come back to full health for every turn it's
active. Flying units with the shooter protection perk are great tanks because
the AI archers will always target them even though it does little damage.
Giving an Elixir of Life artifact to any tank like a Foot Knight makes them
far more useful throughout a mission. Use defense buffs and defense artifacts
on your heroes/tanks and throw them into harms way so your more fragile units
don't suffer as many deaths. Unit deaths are very hard to recover from and
should be avoided at all costs.

The best talents to take are the magic damage/AOE spells, protection against
X, armor piercing/armored status, passive AOE effect, segmented movement,
extra movement, AOE buffs, Harassers, Slayer, and Invisibility. Don't take
damage buffs if they lower a lot of defense. Avoid 'fear' perks on most
units - it's useful on one or two units, but making enemies retreat without
breaking them is a double edged sword. Terrain buffs are sometimes useful but
I wouldn't take too many of them. Check the army review below for details.

Use terrain to your advantage. Bridges have the same stat penalty as rivers
so be careful when standing on one.

Don't let an enemy get away with high injuries but low unit deaths, because it
will rest and recover.

Sometimes trapping a unit and forcing it to surrender is faster than killing
it outright.

The AI is stationary and reactionary unless the game script orders the AI to
start moving its units. The enemy AI will usually leave defensive positions
if it sees an opportunity. Use this to your advantage to lure it away from
defensive or quest related hexes and onto bad spots like rivers and swamps.

Defense buffs and stats are more important than offense.

Some units are better than others, especially in the human tree. Make sure
you don't bring along inferior unit types if you can help it.

AOEs cannot damage stealthed units.

Elf Units:

Elf Fencers: Very strong general purpose melee units with all terrain movement.
Recommended Perks: Force March, Defensive Style, Attack Leaders, Shooting
Protection, Slayer.

Flame Wardens/Thunder Wardens: These are tank type units with the powerful
Sister's Resurrection. Elven Spears can be upgraded to Flame Wardens,
although though they don't share the same tree. Generally the upgraded unit
has better stats and perks.
Recommended Perks: Force March, Armor Piercing, Sister's Resurrection,
Defensive Tactics, Heavy Halberds.

Elf Shooters: Elf archers get some great perks that make them terrors on the
field. Elf Conscripts can be upgraded to Elf Shooters, although though they
don't share the same tree. Generally the upgraded unit has better stats and
Recommended Perks: Bold Archers, True Elven Bowstrings, Multiple Support,
Harassers, Slayer.

Deer Riders: Mounted units with slightly low defense but a lot of offense.
Giving them trail seekers makes them a highly mobile mounted unit that has no
penalty on most terrain.
Recommended Perks: Armor Piercing, Trail Seekers, Sharp Antlers, Rush
Disturbance, Slayer.

Skyship: A bomber unit most notable for its powerful AOE attack that you would
be crazy not to take.
Recommended Perks: Shooting Protection, Shaft of Light, Shadow of a Vulture,
Magic Speed, Crystal Stare.

Dragons: An air melee unit that starts out weak, but ends up very strong.
Give it some stat boost items to help out during the lower levels.
Recommended Perks: Armor Piercing, Hard Target, Sizzling Flame, Segmented
Movement, Flying Death.

Sagittel: A powerful archer and support caster. One of the best heroes in the
game. Place him near the front lines and his +1 range perk and multiple
support will demolish any nearby attacking enemies.
Recommended Perks: Armor Piercing, Segmented Movement, Tactician, True Elven
Bowstrings, Multiple Support, Order to March, Elven Sniper, Rejuvenation,
Inspire to Defend, Slayer.

Gylven: A decent mage, most notable for her variety of AOE spells.
Recommended Perks: Dust of Time, Tempest, Magic Flare, Wings of Chaos, Meteor
Fall, Summon Spectral Warriors, Word of Death, Magic Boots, Dragon Slave,
Curse of Essentil.

Human Units:

Peasants: The worst of the worst. They can be upgraded to Spearmen, Bowmen,
or Militia.

Spearmen/Yeomen: All terrain melee units with a pretty weak set of perks -
there are far better human melee units to consider. Generally the upgraded
unit has better stats and perks.
Recommended Perks: Shooting Protection, Forest Ambushers, Force March,
Segmented Movement, Light Equipment.

Swordsmen: Another mediocre melee unit that should be passed up if given the
chance. They have higher damage than Spearmen but worse terrain coverage.
Recommended Perks: Derenhalle Blades, Mail Armor, Shooting Protection,
Highlander, Storm Troops

Halberdiers/Royal Guards: Powerful defensive melee units whose only weakness
is terrain movement. Militia can be upgraded to Halberdiers, although they
don't share the same tree. Generally the upgraded unit has better stats and
Recommended Perks: Defensive Tactics, Mail Armor, Shooting Protection, Attack
Leaders, Heavy Halberds.

Foot Knights: Highly defensive melee units that are great for frontline
offense or defense. Their perks kind of suck but oh well.
Recommended Perks: Shooting Protection, Derenhalle Blades, Force March,
Highlander, Cause Fear.

Bowmen/Yeomen Bowmen/Royal Archers: All terrain archers that work best firing
from hills or woods. Bowmen can also be upgraded to Crossbowmen.
Recommended Perks: Bodkin Arrows, Ralin Boots, Merry Men, Hills Archers, Elven

Crossbowmen/Arbalesters: Archers with far better perks than Bowmen, but their
terrain movement isn't as good. They are one of the few human units with the
Slayer perk, so you want at least one if available.
Recommended Perks: Steel Bolts, Slayer, Siege Shooters, Crippling Shot, Heavy

Scouts/Rangers: Stealth units that work well in difficult terrain. They can
attack without being retalited against by melee/charge attacks and they have
the nasty Harassers debuff. It's good to have at least one in your army.
Recommended Perks: Firestarters, Forest Like Home, Poisoned Attack, Brigandine
Armor, Light Equipment.

Horse Yeomen/Hobilars: They are basically rangers except they lose Harassment
and Concealment, and they suck on difficult terrain, which are the three
reasons you want a ranger in the first place. Probably the worst human unit
in the game.
Recommended Perks: Firestarters, Evaders, Trail Seekers, Defensive Stance,
Light Equipment.

Landless Knights/Feudal Knights/Royal Knights/Paladins: All of these mounted
units have Impetuous which makes them hard to control, although the Seneschal
perk negates it. Feudal Knights can also be upgraded to Knights of Marcus.
Recommended Perks: Armor Piercing, Thoroughbred Horses, Full Plate Armor,
Derenhalle Blades, Seneschal.

Knights of Marcus/Champions of Marcus/Kings Retinue: These mounted units have
less attack power than Royal Knights/Paladins but no longer suffer from
Impetuousness. They also gain the Imperturbable buff which makes them the
superior choice of mounted unit.
Recommended Perks: Armor Piercing, Thoroughbred Horses, Full Plate Armor,
Temple Defenders, Derenhalle Blades.

Eagle Rider: An air bombing unit. Since it doesn't have an AOE like the elf
bomber, it pretty much sucks unless you're desperate to siege a castle area.
Recommended Perks: Skilled Bomber, Shooting Protection, Shadow of a Vulture,
Armor Plates, Flame Ammo.

Tamed Eagle/War Eagle: A standard air melee unit. Not as strong as a dragon
but still pretty good.
Recommended Perks: Hunter Instincts, Shooting Protection, Shadow of a Vulture,
Iron Feathers, Flying Death.

Ballista: The superior siege unit compared to the Catapult. It has great
perks including Slayer.
Recommended Perks: Slayer, Target Practice, Iron Hoop Wheels, Long Range
Thrower, Force march.

Recommended Perks: Target Practice, Heavy Artillery, Force March, Iron Hoop
Wheels, Explosive Ammo.

Cornelius: A very good ranger hero with lots of unique self-buffs.
Recommended Perks: Firestarters, Chilling Attack, Slayer, Protection from
Arrows, Horrific Attack, Long Throw, Deadly Throw, Skilled Pathfinder, Sign of
Marcus, Summon Shadow.

Karel: A decent mounted unit hero.
Recommended Perks: Master Crafted Armor, Tactician, Siege Master, Defensive
Orde, Heal, Order to March, Armor Piercing, Fencers, Royal Steed, Slayer.

Battle Priest (Morcius): A priest hero with excellent AOE buffs/heals.
Recommended Perks: Armor Piercing, Righteous Fury, Heal, Strike of Marcus,
Mass Heal, Ralin Boots, Resurrect, Mass Blessing, Holy Crusade, Fencers.

Adrian: An all terrain melee hero.
Recommended Perks: Master Crafted Armor, Tactician, Siege Master, Shooting
Protection, Defensive Order, Order to March, Armor Piercing, Inspire to
Defend, Slayer, Heavy Halberds.

Sergeant (Lucius): A defensive tank hero.
Recommended Perks: Master Crafted Armor, Tactician, Siege Master, Shooting
Protection, Defensive Order, Inspire to Defend, Order to march, Armor
Piercing, Fencers, Slayer, Inspire to Attack.

2. Single Player Missions

The first 4 missions are available in Fantasy Wars and Elven Legacy. The last
3 are only available in Elven Legacy.

Single Player Mission 1 - The King and the General

Flameguard Token - Swamp town
Sphere of Cold + 100 XP - Water mill
Night Stone - Tree

Single Player Mission 2 - The Royal Hunt

Amulet of Fanatic - Swamp town
Firkan's Map - Cave
Cloak of Saint and Lance of Glory - Forest
Sword of Marcus - Church

Single Player Mission 3 - The Honour Escort

Night Stone - Water mill
Sphere of Cold - Cave
Staff of Eternal Flame - Altar

Single Player Mission 4 - Surrounded by the Foes

Flameguard Token - swamp town

Single Player Mission 5 - "God of War"

Night Stone - Altar

Single Player Mission 6 - Monastery sincerus defense

Sphere of Cold - Hermit
Barrel of Church Vine + 100 XP - Ship Wreck
Ring of True Sight + 100 XP - Place of execution

Single Player Mission 7 - A New King

3. Walkthrough

Mission 1 - Meeting

The gold timer doesn't start until Gylven shows up, so avoid the town (Fort
Sent) she appears by until you're ready - you have 12 turns to mess around
before you have to meet her. You can even run into the corners of the map and
pick on the enemies standing there. Send Gylven southeast against the wolves
and Sagittel north. You don't get to keep the battle priest so try not to use
it. Step on all the broken city map tiles to get gold and XP - you have
plenty of time in this mission to do everything and still get Gold, unlike
most others.

Pick up Heal and Segmented Movement with Sagittel when he hits lv 1 and 2 if
you plan on doing Mission 2b (pursuit).

Recruit Skyship - Camp Ellene

Firkan's Map

Mission 2a - Pursuit. (The map where Sagittel has to break down the wall.)

This map is pretty straightforward, you just move Sagittel up to the wall for
a few turns while injuring/killing enough dwarf siege engines so he doesn't
get bombarded and retreat. You don't really need to poke around the NW of the
map too much, just make sure to pick up the Lightning Bow. It's possible to
pick up the Sphere of Cold if you use skyships to nuke the troll then send one
unit in there to solo the 3 zombies.

Lightning Bow - La Cholet
Eye of Sight - Broken dirigible
False Prey - Move Sagittel onto the Dragon bones.
Sphere of Cold - Cave
150 gold - Withered tree
100 XP - Witch circle

Elf Hunters
Elf Fencers

Mission 2b - Pursuit. (Thieves version) I recommend playing the other
Pursuit map instead because it has better rewards.

You have 9 turns to barge into a town jam packed with enemies, and you don't
get any AOEs to help. You don't actually have to kill the thief leader to
complete the mission, but you do have to thin them out enough so Sagittel can
run past. Equip Sagittel with the Firkan's Map reward, and pick up Segmented
Movement when Sagittel hits lv 2 to make it easier to run past the thieves
leader. Have Sagittel stand in front casting Heal on himself while
counterattacking, and push him far enough north that he can run past the thief
leader using Segmented Movement and reach the main quest hex that will end the
mission. Cast Dust of Time on any large group of enemies that will soften the
damage being dished out on Sagittel.

As you might imagine, it's difficult to reach any of the treasure hexes due to
the sheer number of enemies on the map. It's still possible to visit all 3
while getting hard/gold though.

300G - Cave
Elixir of Life - D'Ventene Castle
Learn Segmented Movement perk - Watermill

Elf Hunters
Amulet of Fanatic

Bonus Mission 1 - Master and Apprentice

This strat will let you kill the boss in 4 turns. Keep 4 non-mage units in
reserve as cannon fodder and purchase an eagle with your funds, which should
also be kept in reserve. Send the ranger and your first eagle NW to capture
the village southeast of the boss. On turn 3, spot the boss with the eagle
and attack him with ranged spells. Deploy units all around the captured
village including your 2nd eagle. The key here is providing enough targets so
that the boss and his minions are focused on attacking and not healing. If
everything goes well, the boss will not be healed and you can send your 2nd
eagle to re-spot the boss and finish him off with another round of magic.

Nephrite Wasp

Mission 3 - Wrath

You should have the following spells by now: Nephrite Wasp, Shaft of Light x2,
Lightning Bow, and Magic Flare.
Spot and nuke the boss with magic to proceed.

Deer Riders
Horn of Fury

100XP for Sagittel and Gylven - Complete optional quest.
Long-range Bow - Found in the church.

Mission 4 - Remnants of the Horde

Spot and nuke the boss with magic again. You should now have the Staff of
Meteors and Wings of Chaos spell in addition to your other spells. Send
someone with very high movement and terrain ignoring perks/artifacts to
Vasserdorf to grab the lightning bow.

Staff of Meteors - Cave
Lightning Bow - Found at Vasserdorf in the NE.
Recruit Wild Dragon - Stone troll
100G - Withered tree.

Flame Wardens
Shield of the Ancients

Bonus Mission 2 - Path of Ugraum

Pace yourself, don't go rushing in. Rest and conscript frequently and try not
to lose more than 1 unit while taking down the first fortress. When taking on
the first fortress, wait until everyone is together and use AOE buffs and
defense buffs when moving in. Try to take down the artillery asap. The boss
has a lot of dwarves defending him so you have to move in and carve a path -
at this point you should be willing to take casualties because the time to get
gold is short. Use the zeppelin and artillery to blast the boss while getting
a melee unit in his face for the kill. The boss is quite weak, the only issue
is tearing through the 10+ dwarves in his way.

100XP + Sign of Sacred Hammer - both Altars

Power Stone

Mission 5a - Power of Derenhalla. This route has better artifacts.

Conserve your AOE magic for the fortress. There will be yeomen archers coming
from the left, and 4 paladins coming from the right. To claim the fort, drop
all your AOEs on the area - keep one or two units ready to clear the spot if
the AOEs didn't do so. Try to nab the two artifacts on your last turn with
fast units.

Heirloom of Doom - Watermill
Sword of Wrath - Church
Freeze spell for Sagittel - Kill the 3 mages. I'm not sure if this is
possible on Hard/Gold.

Veteran Hunters
Night Stone

Mission 5b - Sullen Mountains.

300G - Cave
200G - Withered tree
Ancient Crown - Stone troll
Firkan's Map - Broken dirigible

Veteran Fencers
Bow of Doom

Bonus Mission 3 - King Victor.

Before you cap the first city and a Battle Priest shows up, recruit a Catapult
and deploy it in the south, so you can have 16/15 on the field. Move the King
and his units south through the pass to meet up with the battle priest and
make a coordinated push on the south side of the castle. Move slowly and
carefully, don't accept any casualties or serious injury until the last few
turns - the turn limit is very generous and I've completed it by turn 11, so
you have lots of leeway to play it safe. It's important to take over the
forest area and clear it of enemy stalkers and archers. Move forward in a
tight formation with knights in the front, catapults in the back and archers
and rangers in the woods. Surround the orc might on the castle so no more
enemy reinforcements can run through. If you start losing units, recruit
powerful allies like a Knight of Marcus or Elite Ranger.

Chain of Justice

Mission 6 - Amulet of Hexers

Once again save your AOEs for the final area, and try to rush there asap so
you have more time to deal with the gate opening portion of the mission. Once
you place the hexer by the quest gate all gates will open and the enemies
inside will come out, so wait until you've thinned them out a bit with ranged
and air attacks before opening it. Wait until 3-4 turns till the last gold
turn to place the hexer at the gate. Once the hexer is placed you can give
him a +move order, or put +move artifacts on him, and he can run to the second
objective in one turn. If you have the Hexer's Horror spell, use that on the
stone trolls while he is waiting and bombard the stone trolls with magic to
weaken one and scare away the other to clear a path for the Hexer. It's safer
to give the Hexer 2 turns to get there, so you aren't in such a rush to get
past the stone trolls.

Warning: You lose the Hexer after this mission, remove his artifacts in the
army management screen on the last turn.

Firkan's Map - Broken dirigible
Night Stone - Dark altar
Elixir of Life - Ancient altar
150G - Withered tree

Wild Dragons
Staff of The Eternal Flame

Mission 7 - Snow Valley

Your army size will suddenly expand from 10 to 13, and then keep expanding
each mission. You'll get a dwarven mobile fort on this mission which you
should keep, then add a dragon and one other ground unit to your army.

Pile everyone onto the left route. The fight starts at the end of the map,
where you'll encounter a ton of dwarves. Just pick on the dwarven nobles
while waiting for an opportunity to move Sagittel next to the dwarven mobile,
then AOE bomb. Once you get close to the castle another group of dwarves will
come from the southeast. You can end the mission as soon as you step on the 3
goal areas (does not have to be all on the same turn). I recommend fighting
the dwarves though so you can build more XP and grab some more gold from the
city to the southeast.

Hammer of Gods - Hammer Temple
Shield of Ancients - Anvil Temple
Recruit Dwarven Mobile Stronghold - Move Sagittel next to the unit

Battle Stag Riders
Heirloom of Doom

Bonus Mission 4 - Order of Dwarnrock.

You have 20 turns to get 5000 gold and kill the enemy leader. It's important
to keep your army healthy and stop to rest for a turn or two on the way to the
boss. Start out by taking the 5 or 6 enemies that approach your force of 5,
position the melee in front, archers in back. Your meele fighters will end up
a bit beat up but that's ok as long as the archers don't get hit. Send a
melee west to pick up the dwarven mobile stronghold at the Dwarves'
Stronghold. Once Dwarnrock appears, let him tank the incoming riders then
regather and rest your forces. Capture the closest mine then proceed north.

Directly north there's another mine which you need to capture, there's 2 ogres
and an archer guarding it. Dwarnrock is a melee beast and is best to send in
first. Once that's captured, send one unit east to capture the closest human
mine. This will trigger a human eagle to attack, but you can just pick on it
until it flies away. The human mage may also cast spells and summon a
creature, but it will stop once the eagle flies away. Ignore the other human
mine and don't provoke any elite rangers into attacking. Rest, cast
Dwarnrocks AOE buffs and move on.

Next up is the north orc mine. There are stone trolls guarding the mine so
soften it up with archers (you should have 4 of them) and the mobile
stronghold then move in with Dwarnrock. This is the position you'll be making
your stand against a large number of orcs including the boss. Keep your
ranged units protected and form a wall - do not move too far south/southwest
or ogres may come up from the southeast and really mess things up. I
recruited two Dwarf Nobles at this point to help out. Once the boss is close
enough send Dwarnrock in to deal some serious damage and finish him off. Once
the boss is dead all you have to do is survive until you have 5000G. You may
notice that eventually all the mines but the most recently claimed one become
recaptured, but you should have plenty left to wait it out. I finished on
turn 22 which I believe is 3 or 4 turns to spare.

Silent Hammer

Mission 8 - Inquisition Caches

At the start of this mission I had enough gold to upgrade 2 hunters and
fencers (about 1800g) so hopefully you've been saving up. My army for this
mission: 2x Skyship, 2x Thunder Warden, 2x Chosen Fencers, 2x Chosen Hunters,
1x Battle Stag Rider, 1x Wild Dragon, 1x Dwarven Mobile Stronghold.

This map is similar to Power of Drelenhalla where you have a short amount of
time to charge through a lot of human units. To kill Father De Lande quickly,
just expose him on the map then use ranged magic (especially a spell to slow
him down), but don't use too many AOEs because you need to save those for the
castle siege. This will give you a reasonable amount of time to reach the
castle instead of wasting time chasing him down. Once again save your AOEs
for the castle siege, as there are a ton of units packed in there and you
won't be able to kill them fast enough otherwise. Do not get too close to the
bridge or you will get more knights and archers crossing it to attack. You
generally want to stay around the start point area until the 4 knights and
nearby enemies are dead - give yourself about 3 turns to siege the castle.
Ignore the royal guards to the sides on the outer walls and focus on killing
the paladins and royal guard blocking the bridge. The battle priests are
nasty in combat but weak to magic so bombing them heavily with AOEs is the
best bet. You can spare a unit to ford the river and pick up the Barrel at
the shipwreck on the last turn.

Ring of True Sight - Place of Execution
Barrel of Church Wine - Place of Shipwreck
Learn Dust of Time spell for 100G - Hermit's House

Chosen Hunters
Sword of Wrath

Mission 9a - Harvest. The map vs the warriors, not peasants. This route has
better artifacts and mission rewards.

You have to use 14 units for this mission, so might as well use the Chosen
Hunter awarded for getting gold on mission 8. This mission isn't joking
around. You're immediately surrounded by about 24 enemies, with another 3
groups of paladins, champions, and eagles incoming. The trick here is to
leave the starting position asap because the 2nd wave will flock to Sagittel's
camp and hang around it even if your army is standing to the side. Use that
as an opportunity to rest/buff up and let them bunch up to hit them with AOEs
and move in at full power. Leave one enemy alive at the end then grab as much
gold as you can plus the artifact before killing it.

Cloak of Saint - Church

Dark Dragon
Staff of Meteors

Mission 9b - Harvest. Map vs peasants.

This is an easier map than mission 9a, where you just ride around destroying a
bunch of rangers and soldiers. However the rewards are not as good and you
miss out on a Staff of Meteors.

Dark Dragon
Long-range Bow

Bonus Mission 5 - High Priest.

Starting out, purchase a Catapult, then proceed north. Move your Paladins and
Hobilars far north enough that you provoke the 4 Halberdiers to attack, then
work on taking them out and seizing the city. The catapult will help out a
lot with softening enemies up. Capture the city on turn 3 and have Derrick
ready to move on turn 4. Rest and group up your forces by the Church give
Derrick or Dexter the Cloak of Saint, then head north to take on the count.
You want the wood duke to move out of hiding and attack your forces - you
simply cannot get a gold on this map unless he runs out in the open for you to
kill. Basically you want to kill the wood duke and baron asap then run away
southwest from the masses of elite rangers and other enemies and start taking
on the southwest enemies guarding the count. Just make sure Father Dexter and
maybe Derrick escape alive - use Mass Heal to keep people alive. Father
Dexter is great at killing the quest targets in one hit, so use him to deal a
decisive blow whenever possible.

You should have about 700G after killing both of them, so recruit new powerful
units to replace the ones you've lost. If everything goes well you'll have
about 4-5 days to kill the count with whatever forces you have left. The
count should run out into the open eventually, just throw everything you have
at him (especially Father Dexter) before the forces from the northeast catch
up and decimate your army, as they will be giving chase.

Cloak of Saint and 100XP - Church
Sphere of Cold and 100XP - Shipwreck
Segmented Movement skill - Hermit house, can buy for 50G

Blessing Ring

Mission 10 - Barrier

You have to use 16 units for this mission, which probably means you'll need
some level 0s in there. Since it's the last mission, feel free to hire
whatever necessary, or use gold liberally to conscript during the mission.
Give Sagittel the magic immunity ring from bonus mission 5. You have 25 turns
here which is way more than enough time. Your main concern should be staying
alive and not aggroing more groups of enemies than you can handle. If you
don't have a strong army of mostly lv 5 units, lv 8-10 heroes, and most of the
AOE artifacts I doubt you'll be able to survive this mission on hard.

Use your lowest level ground units to close the portals. Head to the right
and start taking out the dwarves, using Sagittel and Gylven in front to absorb
damage. There are several advantages to taking out the dwarves first -
there's more forest and hill cover, the dwarves are easier to kill than the
elves to the left, it will take Iilar longer to reach you, you will be closer
to the south portal which you can close before dragons start coming out on
turn 4, and you won't accidentally aggro Dwarnrocks army. Moving out of your
start position will trigger Iilar to attack, so expect him to show up while
you are finishing the dwarves off. Use the woods and hills to your advantage
and kill the dwarves and incoming elves. Gylven probably has a lot of AOEs at
this point, so use a few of her weaker 7-8 dmg ones, but save the strongest
for Dwarnrock and Teya. Don't overextend yourself into the middle and end up
provoking the elves to the left, you have plenty of time.

Once most of the incoming forces are dead, take out the elves to the left.
Try not to aggro Dwarnrock yet. Use a couple AOEs on Dwarnrock, but save most
of them for Teya. All of the soldiers around her will revive full HP after
every turn, so if you start attacking one make sure you can kill it. Get in
position then drop everything you have on her, including Dragon Slave if
Gylven is level 9, and move in to finish off whatever is left. Dragon Slave
should easily wipe out the dragons and deal a ton of damage to everything else.

Next you have to move everyone through the portal one by one, cross the land
mass while taking out enemies, then place Sagittel on the goal hex. Enemies
will occasionally spawn from the glowing portals but they are easy to take
care of. If you're moving at a brisk pace you won't have to worry about
anything chasing from behind. There are a bunch of dragons hanging around the
goals, just distract them and get Sagittel to whichever goal you want.

Lightning Bow - Found at the Old elven castle near the great tree with an ogre
on top of it.
Staff of Eternal Flame - Broken dirigible.
Elf castles - 200-300G each

4. Elven Legacy: Ranger Walkthrough

Ranger is overall easier than Elven Legacy so it's not nearly as difficult to
get hard/golds. Cornelius is incredibly powerful and he can apply all his
self buffs before moving in for an attack in one turn. Mid way through the
game you'll be swimming in units and gold. The only challenge in the game is
mission 2 if you decide to grab all the gold, XP, and artifacts.

The first two missions are branched off - there's Coast of Derenhalle then
Debt of Derenhalle, and Landing in Sylent then Missing Messenger.

Mission 1a - Coast of Derenhalle (leads to 2b Debt of Derenhalle, then a later
mission called Landing in Sylent, which I listed as mission 6)

The game starts out pretty simple, not much of an SRPG yet. Just run through
the quests then stick around to kill the ogres for XP (should be enough to get
Cornelius a level) and pick up both the wolf summon amulet and cloak of saint.

Claw of a Spectral Wolf - Kill Hexer
Cloak of Saint - Chapel ruins
50G - Stone circle

Staff of The Eternal Flame

Mission 1b - Landing in Sylent (leads to 2b Debt of Derenhalle and 2a Missing

It's possible to get a hard/gold on this map with a lot of save/reload abuse.
You will be seeing the reload screen a lot if you want a hard/gold on this
map. First, Brennok (who joins you near the end of the mission) randomly
chooses his spells at the start of the mission. So keep restarting until he
has a summon, word of death, and lots of AOEs. Next, save/reload every time
Cornelius gets into combat so he has the best results, and ignore the wolves.
When approaching the strange merchant, make sure you attack from the woods for
the terrain bonus. You should reach Derrick on turn 9, with 5 turns left for
gold. Once you're up against the group of 8 enemies of enemies, dump AOEs,
summons, and anything else you can on them. Word of Death is great for
instantly killing one of the yeomen horsemen. If you're lucky you'll take
them down by the hard/gold turn limit.

Claw of a Spectral Wolf - Spectral wolves quest.


Mission 2a - Missing Messenger (only accessible if you chose Landing in Sylent
as the first mission)

You don't get to keep the rangers on this mission. Pick up the Wand of Flare
for some AOE damage on the group of enemies surrounding the quest target.
Make your way to the quest target who starts out standing at Mascinna castle,
lure him into the woods then kill him, then head to the exit point. Since you
don't keep the rangers, feel free to let them die while carrying out the
mission. Make sure to remove the Wand of Flare from a Ranger if they picked
it up.

Wand of Flare - Dead Mage

Staff of Eternity

Mission 2b - Debt of Derenhalle

You get to keep all of the allies on this map except the catapults. That
means you just received an archer, a hero general, and two militia (who can be
upgraded to spearmen/halberdiers later). Dismiss both militias and purchase
two halberdiers and a spearman. It's worth the extra gold.

Start by moving out and killing the nearby orcs in front and hexer/cannons
across the bridge. Send Lucius, Cornelius, an archer and spearman across the
bridge and retreat the rest of your units back to base to face the incoming
waves of riders and cannons. Continue Cornelius and the spearman north to
take out the hexer by the witch circle, while the archer stands on Waldsteit
(village next to the bridge). This will tempt riders to attack the archer -
since bridges are -8 to riders, you can easily kill them as they approach.
Summon wolves to harass and distract the cannons and riders while guarding the
castle with halberdiers, catapults, and archers. While Cornelius is summoning
wolves, move him west across the swamp and get in position to hit the cannons
from behind. The wolves and bridge trap will keep the north forces occupied
while you take out the riders coming from the southwest road. After the
invasion is broken, you're more or less free to explore the map and grab as
much loot as possible (it's possible to get all of it).

Sphere of Cold - Water mill
Red Plate of Azumash - Witch circle
100XP - Knight's Camp near start point and Nilgazar village
100G - any other village
120G - the farther Knight's Camp

Banner of Valor

Mission 3 - Hexer Power

You should have 8 units at the moment, and you need 2 more. 2 heroes, 2
halberdiers, 2 archers, 1 ranger, and a spearman. I suggest picking up
another archer and spearman, or two archers. I don't really like horse yeomen
but that's up to you.

You have to be careful on this map because as soon as you see the hexers, they
can cast on you. If you spot too many they will easily destroy one of your
units. So first of all, don't ask the goblins for help, because they will
start sharing your vision which will allow the hexers to attack you through
their sight, and keep out of sight of any other orcs - if one spots you make
sure you kill it. Move up carefully and gang up just out of the orcs sight
range, then jump them. You can also constantly harass/kill the hexers with
Cornelius and ranger, of course. You can just kill the goblins instead of
asking for their help if you want the XP.

200G - Dead tree

Horn of Horror
Eye of Hexers

Mission 4 - Wasteland Oasis

A very straightforward mission, just charge through a bunch of orcs. Give low
level units the eye of hexers and spectral wolf artifact so they can get some
more XP. You will have to move quickly if you want the Night Stone.

Night Stone - Skyship wreck
Horn of Fury - Ruins


Mission 5 - Second Half

In order to get the orc siege weapons, break them and they'll convert. Yes
you do get to keep them, so I suggest grabbing 2-3 because siege units are
always useful.

Goblin Zepplina unit - Skyship wreck
Axe of Madness - Ruins

Shield of Marcus
Nephrite Wasp

Mission 6 - Landing in Sylent. This is only accessible if you chose Coast of
Derenhalle as the first mission, and not the mission with the exact same name
as the first mission.

The roster suddenly expands from 10 to 15 units here. You have 9 turns which
is more than enough, just form a solid wall and tear through the enemies. You
should avoid killing the bosses and farm some XP since you have plenty of time.

Staff of The Eternal Flame
Elixir of Life

Mission 7 - Scouting

Getting within 2 squares of an eagle means you'll be spotted. Bring some
artifacts you can spam for extra XP. In order to kill the merchant, bring
along the spectral wolves artifact. First one shot the mage - if you can't
kill the mage in one hit don't bother. Next summon a wolf to the merchants
exposed side (away from the castle) - you want the merchant to attack the wolf
during the enemy turn instead of resting, which leaves him injured for a
kill. Once the merchant is injured down to 7-8 HP move in for the kill and
run away. If you kill him here he won't show up in the Rebels mission.

Ring of True Sight
Elixir of Life

Mission 8 - Mirralian Hunter

Equip the Nephrite Wasp to make things easier. Start out cautiously, keep
your generic units back in the forests while Cornelius softens the enemies
up. Take on all comers then proceed to the castle.

Unit HP restored to full - Church
Learn Segmented Movement - Hermit's house
500G - optional quest

Eagle Rider
Barrel of Church Wine

Mission 9 - Rebels

Unit overload. The game lets you keep all the units from Mirralian Hunter,
which is a change from Landing in Sylent when you probably didn't even have 15
units to fill the roster with. You can buy Ballista if you didn't get any orc
siege weapons. It's fairly easy to notice how much easier this game is
compared to Elven Legacy just by looking at your gold count which should be
over 3000. I like War Eagles better than bombers like Zeppelins or Riders.
The only reason Skyships are so good is because they get the AOE spell which
Zeppelins and Eagle Riders don't get. So I would advise shelving the bombers.

Ignore the villages besides the ones right next to the enemy. If you lose
more than 2 villages the game ends, but you should be able to keep the enemy
occupied so it only claims one at most. Still if you find it grabbing two
villages just assign a unit onto one of them. Entrap the elves with your
heroes and other strong units while bombing them with the Nephrite Wasp.
Place Halberdiers and archers at the mountain chokepoint near the enemy human
force. This is supposed to be a defense map but it's pretty easy to just pin
the enemies in and grind them to dust.

Landless Knights
Feudal Knights

Mission 10 - Army of Wagons

Continuing with the theme of unit overload, you get to keep any of the low
tier peasants that joined you in the Rebels mission. However they are
probably still level 0 and useless, so just sell them off for gold. You
should probably start leaving out lv 5 units and bringing in others that can
benefit from XP. Bring units that can navigate forest terrain well.

If you summon wolves or eyes you may aggro a lot of enemies and they'll come
crashing down on your party at once. Just use the Wasp artifact on each camp
as you approach and take everything out.

Learn Poisoned Attack perk - Ancient altar
Bow of Doom - Swamp ruins

Lance of Glory
Shield of the Ancients

Mission 11 - Dark Mage

Now the size of the army is shrinking. From 15 to 13 to 11 - this is probably
because I'm doing the missions out of order, but whatever. You should have
tons of gold so feel free to upgrade halberdiers and yeomen archers to
royals. Bring armor piercing units because there are a ton of armored
soldiers hanging around.

Sword of Marcus - Church of Saint Marcus

Tooth of Dragon
Flameguard Token

Mission 12 - Baron's Castle

Back to 15 units here. The enemy is behind defensive terrain so bring air and
siege units that can knock them out of it. You should also now have the
Flameguard Token, one of the best artifacts in the game - put it on Lucius
with some +defense and watch him go on a nearly invincible rampage.

You have 18 turns for this mission, which is way more than enough time to kill
everything on the map. Don't get too aggressive at first running into the
gates, wait until your ranged/air units dismantle the siege weapons first.
Feel free to conscript if your units take too many deaths because you should
have tons of money.

Silent Hammer - Shipwreck
Lightning Bow - Water mill

Foot Knights
Power Stone

Mission 13 - Foreign Knights

Don't have enough units yet? No problem. The game dumps even more of them
into your party. The Saint Brothers and Champions of Marcus look nice. You
might consider replacing Yeomen with Champions of Marcus that have Armor
Piercing, because there's lots of armored units here again. And don't ask me
what to do with the 7000+ gold in your inventory. I don't know either.
Amusingly the game is still throwing low tier enemies like swordsmen at you
while you have access to the highest tiers in the game. Anyway, you have
plenty of time to take it slowly, or just rush forward and take on a ton of
enemies at once. No particular strategy needed, like most of Ranger.

Staff of Meteors - Place of execution
Learn Dead Bones spell - Witch circle

Ancient Crown
Chain of Justice

Mission 14 - Mirralian Throne

You should have all level 5 units and lv 8-10 heroes at this point. Once
again a lot of armored enemy units so armor piercing is a plus. My army at
this stage: 3 heroes, 2 war eagles, 2 spear chuckers, 2 royal guards, 3 royal
archers, 1 yeomen, 1 elite ranger, 2 champions of marcus,

The map is pretty small so you'll have to hack through a pretty solid wall of
enemies before being able to progress. You can pick up a lv 3 Yeomen by
visiting the city next to the start point, and another two at the north most
cities. Most of the ranged enemies are stationary so try to keep away from
them until you're ready to kill. Don't have to bother with the scouts and
archers on the sides near your start point, just charge straight through the
front gates, don't split up, and head east across the bridge to the 2nd mage
town. The enemy eagles above the mages are all quite powerful and should be
taken out with your two eagles. As you probably know by now, the AI will
willingly jump into rivers to attack your units, so take advantage by baiting
enemy units (possibly with a summoned creature) and taking advantage of their
position. Unlike the original Elven Legacy final battle where you might lose
a few units, there's no such risk here - just mop the enemies up and proceed.

By the time everyone is across the bridge/river, you should be taking out the
last mage city. Try to avoid killing the mage until you're mostly rested up
and ready to attack the city. Once the barrier is down, you should have about
4 turns to drop AOEs and rush in for the kill. Watch out, though - the Siege
expansion is not nearly as friendly!

5. Elven Legacy: Siege Walkthrough

The Siege expansion is two campaigns in one, with two heroes following
separate paths. Both routes have their army, inventory, bonus missions and
split mission choices. Siege is the most difficult campaign out of the 4.
Even the first few Siege missions are as difficult as the hardest Elven Legacy
missions. The campaign is stingy with money and recruits at first, but
relaxes a bit later. The campaign starts out difficult, but it becomes much
easier as the campaign progresses.

Karel's Route : S01 - S02 - S_B1 - S03 - S04/S05 - S06 - (Karel only) S07 -
S_B3 - S08 - S09.
Adrian's Route: S21 - S22/S23 - S24 - S25 - S_B2 - S26 - (Adrian only) S27 -
S_B3 - S28 - S29.

Sometimes a route choice won't open up until you've progressed far enough in
the other heroes route. Once S06 and S26 are completed, you have the choice
of S07 or S27. Once you choose S07 or S27 you are locked into that heroes
route and can't play the other heroes last 3 missions, so make an extra world
map save so you can experience all the content.

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Default Additional info

Thanks for your hard work!

Allow me to add the rewards on various difficulties and some extra info.

Mission 1 - Meeting.
Gold reward: Skyship and Firkan's map
Silver reward:Skyship
Bronze reward: gold only

Mission 2 - Pursuit
Gold reward: Elf Hunters and Elf Fencers
Silver reward:Elf Hunters
Bronze reward:Elf Conscripts

Mission 2 - Pursuit(Easy path)

Gold reward: Elf Hunters and Amulet of the Fanatic
Silver reward: Elf Hunters
Bronze reward:gold only
Items obtained on map: Elixir of Life

Bonus Mission 1 - Master and Apprentice.

Reward on all diff. Nephrite Wasp

Mission 3 - Wrath
Gold reward: Deer Riders and Horn of Fury
Silver reward: Deer Riders
Bronze reward:gold only

Mission 4 - Remnants of the Horde.
Gold reward:Flame Wardens and Shield of the Ancients
Silver reward:Flame Wardens
Bronze reward:gold only

Bonus Mission 2 - Path of Ugraum.
Reward on all diff. Power Stone

Mission 5 - Power of Derenhalle

Gold reward:Veteran Hunters and Nightstone
Silver reward:Veteran Hunters
Bronze reward:gold only

Mission 5 - Sullen Mountains

Gold reward:Veteran Fencers and Bow of Doom
Silver reward:Veteran Fencers
Bronze reward:gold only
Items obtained on map:Firkan's Map and Ancient Crown

Bonus Mission 3 - King Victor.

Reward on all diff. Chain of Justice
Items obtained on map:Nightstone and Staff of the Eternal Flame

Mission 6 - Amulet of Hexers.
Gold reward:Wild Dragon and Staff of the Eternal Flame
Silver reward:Wild Dragon
Bronze reward:gold only

Mission 7 - Snow Valley
Gold reward:Battle Stag Riders and Heirloom of Doom
Silver reward:Battle Stag Riders
Bronze reward:gold only

Bonus Mission 4 - Order of Dwarnrock.
Reward on all diff.Silent Hammer
Items obtained on map:Sign of Sacred Hammer

Mission 8 - Inquisition Caches
Gold reward:Chosen Hunters and Sword of Wrath
Silver reward:Chosen Hunters
Bronze reward:gold only

Mission 9 - Harvest

Gold reward: Dark Dragon and Staff of the Meteors
Silver reward: Dark Dragon
Bronze reward: gold only
The reward for the Peasant version is the same except for that it has Long Range bow instead of the Staff and no items on the map.

Bonus Mission 5 - High Priest.
Reward on all diff. Blessing Ring
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Karel's Route:

Karel's Route 1 - In the name of Marcus! (S01)

This is one of the most difficult missions to get hard/gold on in Siege. In
order to get the gold you must complete all the additional quests within 15
turns, including killing the Veteran Fencer who starts across the bridge from
Arzen fortress (marked by the green quest arrow). This is a complicated
mission with enemies coming from several different directions. Choosing the
right units to move to the right place at the right time is vital for
hard/gold. There are 46 enemies and it can get overwhelming near the end.
You do not get to keep any units from the Sincerus monastery, so feel free to
sacrifice them when needed as long as it doesn't fail the 50% defenders alive
quest. There are 6 monastery defenders so you can only let 3 perish.

Starting out, place your mounted units in front row, archers in back. On turn
1, send your mounted units and eagle north to take out the 3 conscripts, then
on turn 2 use your archers and Karel to kill the conscripts by the Temple and
grab the Temple artifact. After that, send everyone north towards the
garrison, then head east towards Arzen. There will be fencers and archers
incoming from the south so keep your archers safe and expect one of your melee
units to get beat up, hopefully not killed. Use your non-mounted units to
cover Arzen while your mounted units deal with other threats as they
approach. Every 2 turns more reinforcements will be arriving - they are
separated into 5 waves that starting moving on even numbered turns. There are
20 enemies across the river and 15 enemies far to the southeast in the forest.

On turn 5 Deer Riders and a Skyship will be arriving from the north across the
river and Elven Spears will be arriving towards Arzen across the river. Send
your mounted units to deal with the deer riders while your archers/eagle take
out the skyship. On turn 6 you will get 3 reinforcement knights who will
encounter 2 fencers and 2 archers coming west from the temple. Send 1-2
mounted units to assist them in fending off the attack. You get to keep these
3 knights so keep them alive. 2 fencers will also be coming north towards
Arzen. Keep holding the elven spears back at Arzen, preferably using your
heroes to tank and rest. Turns 5-9 are a good time to move one of your non-
monastery units up to grab the Horror spell.

On turn 10, 3 fencers, 4 archers, and 1 veteran archer with a dragon summon
artifact will start moving from the south towards Arzen. On turn 12, 4 elven
spears, 2 archers, and the veteran fencer (quest target) will start moving
west. There are two strategies you can try here. The easiest strategy is to
fall back to the monestary, sacrifice a few monastery units (but not too many)
and lure in the Veteran Fencer to kill on the last turn. It's ok to lose Arzen
because the quest still counts as complete even if it gets overrun. The more
difficult strategy is to keep holding your position and face off against the
16 incoming enemies at once. Barge in past the bridge using the monastery
units and Karel, kill the quest target, then fall back so you don't lose too
many monastery units. The rest of your units should be focused on holding off
the incoming force from the south - you can slow their advance by staying out
of their sight range.

Lightning Bow - kill Veteran Fencer (quest target)
Cloak of Saint - Temple
Learn Horror spell - Execution Spot

2x Knights of Marcus

Karel's Route 2 - On Approaches (S02)

If all of your units survived, you should now have 15/12 for the mission. You
can buy halberdiers if you don't feel like carrying around a lot of knights.
This map has lot of artifacts and recruits but limited time to grab them all.
Even though you get some knights of marcus, you might consider keeping the
feudal knights instead if they have a decent amount of XP built up. You can
always upgrade them later.

Don't split up, instead mass up on the left side and kill quickly to the goal,
then send a few units east across the map to grab the artifacts before ending
the mission. As soon as you move north the 'reclaim villages' quest starts.
For every village on the left you visit during the quest time you'll get a
recruit (see list below). If the quest fails you won't get recruits from the
villages you didn't visit. There's also a quest to chase down some fleeing
elves - they might start moving towards the bridges and make it more difficult
to get the Lightning Bow. Use standard tactics to tear up the enemies in the
way and reach the main goal with a couple turns left till gold. Try not to
provoke too many of the 5 deer riders at once or they may go on a rampage
along with the elven spears and fencers guarding the towns - it won't be
pretty. Send a heavily wounded (useless) unit south to grab the amulet of
fanatic and head east to grab the artifacts. You should have about 3-4 turns
left to charge east and grab the Lightning Bow before ending the mission - use
a level 2 mounted unit that has the +1 movement perk, and use the inventory
screen to give it the Sphere of Cold so it can cross the river and grab the
artifact on the last turn. You won't be able to reach the Desecrated Relic,
but it's not that good anyway.

Recruit Foot Knights - visit Petrer Fort
Recruit Swordsmen - Visit Abidiche village
Recruit Ballista - Visit Archena village
Recruit Tamed Eagle - Visit Kellin village
Lightning Bow - Ruined castle
Amulet of Fanatic - Stone troll
Desecrated Relic - Witch circle
Sphere of Cold - Water mill

Shield of the Ancients

Bonus Mission 1 - Quiet Night (S_B1)

Wow, this is the easiest bonus mission in the entire series. All you have to
do is bring the slightly less sane Sagittel from point A to B without screwing
up too badly, and you win. A token amount of dwarves stand in your way, but
if you've had any experience playing as the elves, this is cake. Don't be
afraid to pass Sagittel's elixir of life off to an injured unit that needs it,
and of course pick up Heal. Even doing the side quests you can finish 5 turns
ahead of gold, so whatever. This bonus map sucks!

Power Stone - Dragon bones

Chain of Justice

Karel's Route 3 - Take by Storm (S03)

You should have 22/15 units now. You'll be storming a castle that's jam
packed with fencers and archers, so ranged units are preferable. I recommend
immediately assaulting the castle from over the river. You might consider
replacing an archer with a crossbowman just because their perks are much
better - armor piercing, slayer, crippling shot, siege shot, and heavy
crossbow. If you want to maximize your XP, leave one bowman unupgraded and
don't pick his perks, then go to Hills of Hope (S05) on the next mission and
upgrade him to a crossbowman. That way you don't have to waste time leveling
up the lv 0 crossbowman you just got. You might also consider getting another
Ballista (not catapult) - they also get slayer and they can get a permanent +1
range. Halberdiers are pretty good too with their attack leaders buff but you
might just want to stick to the Foot Knight that can take more punishment.

My army for this mission: 2x heroes, 5x mounted units, 3x archers, 2x
ballista, 2x war eagle, 1x foot knights.

Establish your ranged units and start firing away while your ground units ford
the far end of the river. This method is far faster than either running
around the map trying to get to the bridge, or trying to activate the portal.
Don't be afraid to use whatever magic you've got (Horror, Lightning Bows).
Once a free castle hex is open, start moving in - the best tactic is to move
in but don't attack. Keep pelting with ranged units and counterattacking
during enemy turn so you don't incur the wrath of enemy support attacks.
Eventually you'll want to have everyone over the river because enemies start
coming in from the east and you don't want to get caught. Take your time and
kill everything instead of forcing into the 3 spots, because you have plenty
of time, and you'll get lots of gold for visiting every castle hex.

100 XP - Place of power
Drop an AOE on the elven city - Move Morcius to the Temple.
Learn Second Wind spell - Visit Dragon bones

Axe of Madness
Royal Knights

Karel's Route 4a - Steppes Tremble (S04)

The Resurrect spell is great for any unit that's suffered a lot of deaths.
However you don't get to upgrade your knights and you miss out on the Wings of
Chaos spell.

Firkan's Map - Broken Zeppelin
Night Stone - Witch Circle
Learn Resurrect spell - Church

Relics of Marcus
Royal Guards

Karel's Route 4b - Hills of Hope (S05)

If you take this route you can upgrade your mounted/archer units which isn't
possible heading into the other route. If you left any bowmen un-upgraded,
you can now make them into crossbowmen who have much better perks, although
they have more trouble with difficult terrain. You should have about 3000
gold after selling some unneeded units, which you should use to upgrade any
level 2-3 Feudal Knights to Knights of Marcus.

This is a fast paced mission where you have to keep moving if you want to get
hard/gold and finish the quests. Enemies will quickly swarm the first elf
village so move forward quickly to avoid them. You will have to spot them
with an eagle to start the optional boss kill quest to give Karel 100 XP.
Your Knights of Marcus should be trampling all over the enemy - this mission
is pretty easy.

Karel earns 100XP - complete optional boss kill quest
Learn Wings of Chaos spell - Visit Hermit's house
Ring of True Sight - Ruins of swamp castle
200G - Dead Tree

Staff of Eternity

Karel's Route 5 - River Crossing (S06)

You can now access Royal Guards and Arbalesters. The unit cap here is 17
which is the highest I've seen so far. If you don't have enough units I
suggest picking up a Royal Guard and maybe hauling out one of those lv 1-2
archers/mounted units that got left behind.

You have a long slog here through a bunch of orcs. Take the right side which
runs by a quest point and both artifact locations. It's straightforward until
the bridge, where enemies will start pouring in from the west near the Broken
zeppelin. Leave a small force behind to hold off enemies in the woods while
everyone else goes off to kill the boss. Use Ballistae, Crossbowmen, and
Morcius all with Slayer to kill the boss quickly. Since you have 20 turns for
gold you can kill every enemy on the map for lots of XP. It's unfortunate
that this expansion started out strong but is only getting easier.

Karel earns 50XP - complete optional help quest
Nephrite Wasp - Cave
Feather Boots - Broken zeppelin

Lance of Glory
Champions of Marcus

Karel's Route 6 - Storm of Tersia (S07)

Current army: 2 heroes, 5 champions of marcus, 2 war eagles, 2 arbalesters, 2
yeoman archers, 2 ballistae, 1 royal guard, 1 foot knight

There are two ways to approach this map. You can head west into the field and
take on a ton of enemies at once (all nearby enemies plus 10 riders coming
from the north and east), or you can take the long way around the road and
face less opposition at once. I recommend taking the long way because you can
grab the artifact and optional elf quest along the way. Either way, be ready
for the 5 riders coming west down the road. The castle siege is pretty
standard - provoke enemies to leave their defensive spots, use defense buffs,
AOEs, summon distractions, etc. With 17 turns you can afford to take the long
way and still kill pretty much everything on the map.

Tooth of Dragon - Dragon bones

Night Stone
Foot Knights

Bonus Mission 3 - Inquest (S_B3)

This is a bugged mission where once you spawn the "Mage's Shadow" unit, your
own mage gets a 5 turn timer on it at which point he despawns and the game
ends. In addition once you summon a Mage's Shadow the game doesn't register
your mage stepping on any quest hexes, which means even the act of summoning a
Mage's Shadow immediately makes the mission impossible. However, even with
this limitation, it's still possible to get hard/gold on this mission without
modifying the game files. The strategy below gets you a gold medal without
using Mage's Shadow, so no need to modify the game files. Getting a gold
medal requires a bit of luck and reloading for battle outcomes, but you can
still get a silver or even bronze with this strategy with no problem and still
get the same rewards.

First, for perks: Battle mage, Summon Spectral Warriors, Water Walk, Magic
Armor. Move towards the first beacon while veering to the left to avoid the
village. You want to stay at least 3 hexes out of any stationary units sight,
or the whole town will aggro on you. Kill the spearman stationed there and
grab the beacon. Move up to the next beacon and kill the archer and
spearman. Again hug the mountains to avoid aggroing the nearby village.
Rest, head northwest into the woods and summon a spectral warrior to distract
enemies by the third beacon while you flee east. You could also try casting
Tornado if you hit lv 5. Either way, head east and mess with the
halberdier/arbalester standing in the way but flee east as soon as you get a
clean break. Note: You are not grabbing the third beacon or completing the
beacon quest (unless you don't care about getting a bronze), just run away
east. You still should not have aggroed any large town groups - if you do
you'll know it because your mage will be stuck or dead. Head east/northeast
through the woods, rest up, grab the artifact at the place of execution,
summon a spectral warrior, and attack the battle priest on top of the main
quest hex. He should be killed or flee, at which point you can step onto the
hex. You still need to spend 2 more turns running back to the place of
execution. The two nearby battle priests will probably not attack your mage -
if they do try distracting them with the warrior or try to get the warrior to
despawn on the same turn that you're on the quest hex.

Relics of Marcus - Place of execution

Silent Hammer
Power Stone

Karel's Route 7 - Outargue a Dwarf (S0

You have a unit cap of 18 here, but the next mission has 17, so don't worry
too much about the 18th slot. You can use the new Foot Knight you just got,
upgrade one of your old mounted units or archers, or just buy a new unit - you
should have thousands of gold to spare at this point.

Unlike Adrian's version of this map, you can't just mass everyone on one side -
you need to join the armies up on the west side and proceed north. There is
a one swamp hex where the water meets the mountains which Karel's army can
cross over to the west side with. Place 3-4 strong units and both eagles on
the east side with Karel, because the group of dwarves is a pain to clear
out. If you put too many units on Karel's side it will take too long to move
them all across the swamp. You will have to face the dwarves near Moricus'
start point, since you can't just run north and leave them in the dust. The
whole delay in merging the armies together means you'll have a tighter
schedule to reach the boss. Moricus should have some amazing heal spells at
this point, so keeping everyone alive shouldn't be an issue.

Actually the quest is bugged so you only need to bring one person to the goal
for it to register, so you could leave Karel stuck on the east side and still
complete the mission.

Once everyone is back together on the west side, proceed north and kill
everything up to the castle. Stag Riders are squishy, hit up the archers
first, stick heroes in front to absorb damage, use healing spells, etc. Once
you reach the village near the castle (meeting point), 3 dwarves each will
come out of the 2 caves on the map. Take out the 3 that pop out of the west
cave quickly, then position a tank to the east to handle the 3 coming from the
east cave. AOE bomb and summon spam Yanrock into submission, put defensive
units up front, etc. It's possible to kill the ogres for the quest if you
are fast with clearing out Yanrock. Both Karel and Moricus should have the
Slayer perk so sending them in should do the trick.

Karel learns North Curse - complete ogre kill quest
Firkan's Map - Shipwreck
Stone troll - Red Plate of Azurnash
Blessing Ring - Sacred hammer

Sign of Sacred Hammer
War Eagle

Karel's Route 8 - The World's End (S09)

Even though you can get near the castle in a few turns, you shouldn't rush
it. Instead take your time killing all the elves on the map, because
eventually they all start moving and you don't want to be caught from behind.
On turns 1-5 head north to take out the phalanx of 5 stag riders and a
skyship, then head east and take on the wardens southeast and northeast in the
woods, and some more incoming stag riders from the north. The mission is made
more complicated by the reinforcement temple quest - for every turn Moricus
doesn't stand on the temple, a dark dragon spawns by the castle. You want to
camp Moricus there until turn 10 when a boatload of orcs show up, at which
point he should flee east. You'll just have to handle the spawning dragons
every turn as you take the castle.

On turns 6-11 head east and take out the 2nd phalanx of stag riders and 3
archers, along with whatever wardens are left. Don't be afraid to drop an AOE
or a summon to save someone, but save the majority for the castle assault.
Things will get hairy by the temple around turn 10 when a bunch of orcs show
up - at this point you should just move Moricus east off the temple and
abandon it. At around turn 12 you'll want to be assaulting the castle - drop
lots of AOEs, summons, move in at any cost, doesn't matter how many units you
lose. You should have about 5-6 turns to claim the city, and it's possible to
barge in, kill Sagittel, and grab the quest hex with 4-5 turns to spare.
Depending on what Sagittel does, either kill him to reach the quest hex, or
ignore him if he moves off it then kill him later.

Learn Archmage's Shield - Ruined temple
Learn Word of Death - Witch circle

Adrian's Route:

Adrian's Route 1 - Thousands of the Damned (S21)

The only way to get through the level quickly is effective counterattacks vs
the zombies with melee in front and archers in the back. This is a pretty
basic strategy but it's vital here because you won't get the gold if you don't
place melee in the right positions to counterattack. Stick Adrian in front
often to absorb damage. The Mad Arbalester on the quest city is particularly
nasty due to his large terrain bonus. He can't be lured off the city but he
also doesn't attack during enemy phase. It will take a a full turn of
attacking to get rid of him. Ignore the optional quest, it's impossible to
complete while aiming for hard/gold.

After grabbing the city on turn 7, about 6 battle priests will come charging
in from the north. The priests may target either your units or the undead -
either way they are bad news. Retreat from the quest city and head southwest
to the far end of the mountains, then proceed north towards the bridge.
Ignore any of the undead near the quest city - the battle priests will tear
them up anyway and it will slow them down giving you time to run away. Grab
Shooting Protection for your footmen as they reach level 1. Priests and
undead will be chasing you from the east while two mad arbalesters, two
traitors of bows, and about 6-7 zombies stand between you and the bridge.
Position your units on the hills around the mountains to start luring in
enemies for killing. Your strategy now should be pushing up against the enemy
units between the mountain and city near the bridge, then knocking a hole
through the wall of zombies at any cost and running a unit onto the bridge
square, which will end the mission.

Eye of Eagle - Shipwreck
Elixir of Life - Ruined church

Yeomen Bowmen
Helm of Saint Publis (+1 def)

Adrian's Route 2a - Runaway Baron (S22)

Learn Pathfinder skill - Hermit's house
Sphere of Cold - Witch circle

Standard of High King (+willpower, +def to nearby allies)

Adrian's Route 2b - Laridian Heresy (S23) This route choice has more/better
artifacts than Runaway Baron.

If you kept all your units alive in "Thousands of the Damned", you'll have to
leave a scout in reserve. First off, upgrade your 3 Bowmen to Yeomen Bowmen.
This will bankrupt your 600G funds, but it's worth it. Yeomen Horsemen suck
so don't bother with those things.

This map is jam packed with loot - getting to the goal is easy, what's more
difficult is grabbing all 4 artifacts and the Horror spell while still getting
hard/gold. Start by running north and knocking the mage off of his altar,
then stepping onto the altar. He will become controllable and you should get
the claw of dead wolf artifact. If you accidentally kill him, you can still
capture the swamp mage, but it's not feasible to capture the forest mage.
Proceed northeast to the swamp mage - this guy is hard to reach so summon
spectral wolves and golems on him to help. Keep moving your main force NE
while sending 2-3 scouts (not the ranger) NW towards the forest, with archers
pelting the enemy from across the river. Summon another set of creatures to
help out with the forest mage while your main force continues towards the
goal. The captive mage will turn on you once you bring him to the quest spot,
so don't do it until you're ready to kill him. During the last few turns, run
your ranger down to the witch circle to learn the Horror spell before the map
ends - its possible to send a scout or some other unit down there but the
ranger will have the easiest time since they have invisibility.

To top it off your favorite overpowered ranger Cornelius joins at the end of
the mission. But don't worry, the next mission is more difficult.

Claw of Dead Wolf - Dark Altar by the River
Burning Sword - Dark Altar by the Marsh
Wand of Flare - Dark Altar by the Forest
100 XP - each Dark Altar
Altar Stone - Bring captive Altar by the River mage to quest spot. The Altar
Stone doesn't have a very useful effect, but you can spam it to get big chunks
of XP for free.
Learn Horror spell - Witch circle

Ancient Crown (+3 melee, -1 def)
Eagle Rider

Adrian's Route 3 - Fire in the City (S24)

You have 12 turns to take out a fortress packed with enemies and you'll need
every turn to do it. Bring the eagle rider along to help and leave two scouts
in reserve. Ignore the optional quests and head straight for the fortress.
Avoid the enemies off to the sides and they won't aggro. Once at the
fortress, kill the archers first, then tear down each of the guards. You need
about 6-7 turns to kill the mage and 3 knights. Kill the mage first since
it's squishy and annoying - summon spectral wolves, bomb it with your eagle,
and hit it with archers and Cornelius from the water. Try to establish a
foothold then cast Horror on the knights and grind them down. Around turn 11
3 mounted units will arrive from the north - just hold them back while you
finish off the last knight or two and claim the castle. The Bang Mold spell
is a good idea to pick up using your stealthy ranger or Cornelius but forget
about the Nightstone or Desecrated Relic.

Firkan's Map - Shipwreck
Learn spell Bang Fungus - Witch circle
Nightstone - Place of Shipwreck. Way too far out to bother with.
Desecrated Relic - Complete optional renegade mage quest - once you KO the
mage on the fortress he will flee north.

Red Plate of Azurnash

Adrian's Route 4 - Wrath of Yanrock (S25)

You finally get to upgrade your Scouts into Rangers and Spearmen into Yeomen.
Yeomen aren't that great but that's all you can get for now.

In this mission you either have to take out Yanrock with Cornelius and some
magic spells, or rush a couple of Yeomen, Eagle Riders, and Adrian over to
help. First make sure Cornelius grabs the nice artifacts hanging around. If
you want to kill the boss with Cornelius, he will need Slayer and you'll need
Horror, spectral wolves, and damaging magic spells. Start by destroying one
of the mobile forts so Cornelius can get in on the boss. Attack the mobile
fort with Cornelius then use ranged magic/spectral wolves to help finish it
off. Next use Horror on the boss and move in with Cornelius - hitting him
once should cause him to surrender and disappear, then you can walk Cornelius
onto the goal hex to complete the mission. Adrian's army should focus on
killing as many dwarves as possible and racking up gold/XP. If Cornelius
needs help, you'll need to rush towards the fort instead of poking around.

Hammer of Gods - Temple of the Anvil
Bow of Doom - Stone troll

Barrel of Church Vine
Elite Rangers

Bonus Mission 2 - Menace of the Mountains (S_B2)

Another pretty easy bonus mission. Once you take over the village, the mage
you have to kill is by the Dark altar. Send your army over the bridge while
fending off human units - your dwarf melee units are very hardy and the
opposition is pretty weak. Send Yanrock and one other unit northeast towards
the Dark altar while the rest of your army holds back nearby enemies. Feel
free to purchase another dwarf noble to keep up the pressure. Give Yanrock
the force march and movement bonus perks to help get there. Approach the mage
from behind and kill him in one turn before any units around him can
retaliate. The untranslated quest objective is 'Yanrock must not die.'

Elixir of Life - Cave
Learn Dead Bones spell - Altar

Power Stone

Adrian's Route 5 - Poisoned River (S26)

Current army: 2 heroes, 3 yeomen, 4 rangers, 4 royal archers, 1 catapult, 1
eagle rider

There are quite a few enemies on the map and you only have 13 turns, so you
can't kill everything this time. Avoid aggroing the large group of enemies
near your start point. Head to the first quest town and claim it while
killing nearby enemies. Afterward, send Cornelius towards the river quest
point in stealth while others head SW to grab the Staff of Meteors. You can
choose to ignore the optional quest to kill the ogres, but engaging them is
worth some good XP. For some reason the hexer and two flying units by the
Staff of Meteors will attack the goblins/ogres so if you can aggro both at
once they will probably fight each other, which will take a lot of pressure
off your own units.

Staff of Meteors - Dark altar
200G - Dead tree

Nephrite Wasp
Royal Archers

Adrian's Route 6 - Gates of Tersia (S27)

I recommend replacing one of your low level Rangers with the Foot Knight you
got in the last mission. Your army should be mostly lv 4-5 with a few 2-3.
Cornelius has to step onto the 3 quest towns within 10 turns or 8 enemies will
spawn around the map. You can't really stop to rest because it's a lot of
ground to travel, and it helps to have Firkan's Map. Whether you succeed or
not, your next objective is to capture the front gate (main quest objective).
You have infinite turns to complete the objective, so you can so stupid things
like get Cornelius up a few levels by picking on enemies around the map. You
might even consider failing the optional quest just to have more enemies to
beat on for XP.

There are two ways to get the Battle Orc off the quest objective. One is to
aggro an enemy that will spot you close enough to the gates that the Orc will
leave the quest hex to attack Cornelius. A good way to do this is attack the
group of Orcish Riders, who will scatter around near the gates. The second,
more stealthy method involves fearing the Battle Orc off the front gates.
First summon a spectral wolf or spectral dragon, use Horrific Attack and hit
the Battle Orc which will break it, then attack with your summoned unit to
make it flee in terror. You can then step Cornelius onto the hex.

After siezing the gates quest the gold timer will start up and you can deploy
your main army to siege the castle. However you could play cheap and keep
soloing the castle with Cornelius at least until he hits level 10, since the
gold timer doesn't start until you step onto the castle hex. The most
annoying part of the castle siege are the zeppelins and skyship that have
shooting protection. Use your magic attacks and dragon tooth summon to take
them down. After Cornelius steps on the front gate hex, move him across the
river and summon the dragon tooth, then use AOEs to bombard the skyship and
zeppelins to death. Summon a spectral wolf in the way of the quest elf and
cast Horror on it. Stepping onto the castle hexes across the bridge starts
the optional elf retreat quest and spawns a bunch of elves. You get the
Flameguard Token that makes any high defense unit nearly invincible.

Flameguard Token - complete fleeing elf quest (unit must have free artifact
Tooth of Dragon - Dragon Bones (SE of map)
100 XP - Place of power

Sword of Wrath
Foot Knights

Bonus Mission 3 - Inquest (S_B3)

This is a bugged mission where once you spawn the "Mage's Shadow" unit, your
own mage gets a 5 turn timer on it at which point he despawns and the game
ends. In addition once you summon a Mage's Shadow the game doesn't register
your mage stepping on any quest hexes, which means even the act of summoning a
Mage's Shadow immediately makes the mission impossible. However, even with
this limitation, it's still possible to get hard/gold on this mission without
modifying the game files. The strategy below gets you a gold medal without
using Mage's Shadow, so no need to modify the game files. Getting a gold
medal requires a bit of luck and reloading for battle outcomes, but you can
still get a silver or even bronze with this strategy with no problem and still
get the same rewards.

First, for perks: Battle mage, Summon Spectral Warriors, Water Walk, Magic
Armor. Move towards the first beacon while veering to the left to avoid the
village. You want to stay at least 3 hexes out of any stationary units sight,
or the whole town will aggro on you. Kill the spearman stationed there and
grab the beacon. Move up to the next beacon and kill the archer and
spearman. Again hug the mountains to avoid aggroing the nearby village.
Rest, head northwest into the woods and summon a spectral warrior to distract
enemies by the third beacon while you flee east. You could also try casting
Tornado if you hit lv 5. Either way, head east and mess with the
halberdier/arbalester standing in the way but flee east as soon as you get a
clean break. Note: You are not grabbing the third beacon or completing the
beacon quest (unless you don't care about getting a bronze), just run away
east. You still should not have aggroed any large town groups - if you do
you'll know it because your mage will be stuck or dead. Head east/northeast
through the woods, rest up, grab the artifact at the place of execution,
summon a spectral warrior, and attack the battle priest on top of the main
quest hex. He should be killed or flee, at which point you can step onto the
hex. You still need to spend 2 more turns running back to the place of
execution. The two nearby battle priests will probably not attack your mage -
if they do try distracting them with the warrior or try to get the warrior to
despawn on the same turn that you're on the quest hex.

Relics of Marcus - Place of execution

Silent Hammer
Power Stone (note - if you already have a power stone, you can't get another

Adrian's Route 7 - Outargue a Dwarf (S2

You get Elite Ranger upgrades and some new units to purchase. I suggest
picking up a War Eagle and using the 2nd Foot Knight you just picked up. Your
unit cap is 18 here, but 17 in the last mission, so don't worry too much about
the 18th spot in this mission.

There's no way to cross the long stretch of water and mountains, but you can
still pull the old trick of massing everyone on one side. In this case you
want the west side because the elves are easier to deal with and the artifacts
are better. Charge after the Dwarf Noble in front and ignore the axemen -
just leave them in the dust and they won't chase. Just use standard tactics
to carve up the elves in the way. Stag Riders are squishy, hit up the archers
first, stick heroes in the front to absorb damage, etc.

Once you reach the village near the castle, 3 dwarves each will come out of
the 2 caves on the map. Take out the 3 that pop out of the west cave quickly,
then position a tank to the east to handle the 3 coming from the east cave.
AOE bomb and summon spam Yanrock into submission - throw everything at him.
It's possible to kill the quest ogres after taking out Yanrock, but you'll
really have to run for it. Cornelius is most important for killing the Ogres
because he should have the Slayer perk and he can one shot them. As long as
you have two turns for Cornelius to run in there and smack them around,
they'll die. But you don't really need to stress about it, since it's not
necessary at all for the final mission.

Cornelius learns North Curse - complete ogre kill quest
200G - Cave (there are two of them)
Firkan's Map - Shipwreck
Stone troll - Red Plate of Azurnash
Unit learns Dust of Time - Elven camp
Blessing Ring - Sacred hammer

Sign of Sacred Hammer
War Eagle

Adrian's Route 8 - The World's End (S29)

Even though you can get near the castle in a few turns, you shouldn't rush
it. Instead take your time killing all the elves on the map, because
eventually they all start moving and you don't want to be caught from behind.
On turns 1-5 head north to take out the phalanx of 5 stag riders and a
skyship, then head east and take on the wardens southeast and northeast in the
woods, and some more incoming stag riders from the north. On turns 6-10 head
east and take out the 2nd phalanx of stag riders and 3 archers, along with
whatever wardens are left. Don't be afraid to drop an AOE or a summon to save
someone, but save the majority for the castle assault. Take it slow and
steady, it's easy to hard/gold this map with 5-6 turns to spare. You should
have about 7-8 turns to AOE bomb and summon spam the city to claim it.
Depending on what Sagittel does, either kill him to reach the quest hex, or
ignore him if he moves off it then kill him later. Don't worry too much about
casualties since this is the last mission.

Learn Archmage's Shield - Ruined temple
Learn Word of Death - Witch circle

6. Elven Legacy: Magic Walkthrough

The final Elven Legacy expansion, Magic, is another campaign split between two
heroes. Both heroes can summon a variety of units, so this is a very summon
heavy campaign, far more than any of the other campaigns. You'll even be
summoning units that can summon other units. You don't have much of a
standing army to speak of and most of your units are disposable. The main
campaign missions are average in difficulty, while two of the bonus missions
are quite demanding if you want hard/gold.

Khrand's Route 1 - Return to Ofris

If you want hard/gold you can't do either optional quest. Head north to the
hammer sanctuary, then southeast to the Anvil, then finally assault the Forge
with lots of summons.

Elixir of Life - Mercenary camp
Sphere of Cold - Goblin's village

Dwarven Crossbowmen
Firkan's Map

Khrand's Route 2 - The Secret Cradle

You have a short amount of time to get Khrand to all 3 main quest locations.
Nobody else can activate them. First buy 3 dwarf axemen. Use runes of speed
and summons to head east to the Cave, then north to the Cradle across the
swamp and finally north to the Altar. I suggest going east from the start
point rather than north because the stealth goblins and woods make it slower
and more dangerous, while the east path only has melee grunts.

Create summons ahead of the group to clear the way ahead with counterattacks.
Veer to the south while heading east so you don't aggro the stealth goblins in
the woods. Runes can take a bit of punishment and they deal a bit of damage
too so use them liberally to absorb hits. You should only have 1 rune of
speed out at a time to make sure you have enough for the whole mission. Once
you have the Circle Attack rune, head towards the cradle and drop one there
along with summons. Hopefully you can kill the orc quest target - surrounding
it with runes helps. While Khrand steps over the swamp to continue north to
the Altar, summon lots more stuff all over the place to clear out the
goblins. You might be fast enough to grab the Feather Boots.

Wand of Flare - Ruins
Feather Boots - Broken dirigible
Horn of Fury - Kill orcs quest
Big Banner of Ugrum - kill boss orc quest

Dwarf Nobles
Night Stone

Bonus Mission 2 - Long Way Home

First, take Cornelius' perks: Firestarters, Chilling Attack, Slayer, Fast
Poison, and Horrific Attack. Head north and use Horrific Attack on the guard
in front of Morcius' cave then step onto the hex. With Morcius, take Armor
Piercing, Force March, Heal, Strike of Marcus. Use Force March and run ahead
to aggro the dwarves, then make Moricus Heal himself and run around the
dwarves to get Adrian and the catapult on the nearby castle hex. Use the
catapult and heroes to push east and grab Karel. At this point you need to
get all heroes to the exit. Pick up Mass Heal with Moricus when he hits lv 5
and pick up Karel's Heal when he levels up. Grab the Forge artifacts then
push south to the exit. Don't worry about killing every dwarf, just keep
making progress, casting defensive buffs, and grouping up for Mass Heal.
Sacrifice the catapult near the end when enemies are closing in on all sides.

Power Stone

Khrand's Route 3 - Ticsus

Unlike Brennok's route, you're allowed to start building a small army here, so
pick up another Dwarf Noble. This is a survival map where you need capture
the church and witch circle to get gold.

Clear out the humans without using too many spells - you have 5 turns to do it
and the counter doesn't start until you capture Ticsus. Next move south and
throw up tons of totems and summons - don't worry too much about grabbing the
two quest spots yet. Go totem crazy because the map is small and the main
enemy force is right in front of Khrand. Once you've got both quest
objectives and you run out of runes, it's best to fall back until time runs
out because the last wave is 4 elite rangers.

100 XP - Water mill
Claw of a Spectral Wolf - Witch Circle
Cloak of a Saint - Church

Dwarven Mobile Fort
Sign of Sacred Hammer

Bonus Mission 3 - Demon's War

Shaman perks: Vengeful Spirits, Quiky Mold, Summon Boars, Horror, Dead Bones,
Summon Eye, Tornado

You have three objectives in this map - guard Sugman with the hexer, possess
the Flame Guard and Dragon units then get them killed so they turn into totem
units that must be kept alive, then slay Glendarin. You get 13 turns but
there's little chance you'll hold out against the incoming enemies for more
than 9-10 turns, so you have to finish it faster than the gold time. Use
Farrakh to possess units then step onto the forest hexes to refresh the
possession spell while waiting for the Flame Guard to show up. The Flame
guard is in the NW corner of the map and the Dragon is in the NE corner - both
of them start moving eventually so you don't have to chase them, they will
show up in the middle of the map eventually. Move the Hexer and allies inside
Sugman to protect it and do everything you can to defend. Don't even bother
attacking unless there's no point in resting or casting a defense spell.

Once you possess the Flame Guard or Dragon, you must let them die so that they
turn into a totem unit that must be kept alive. If a totem dies the game ends
so you have to protect it. You need them both to die and turn into totems for
the mission to continue, but as totems they are very fragile and have low
movement, making them vulnerable to attack. And since they need quite a few
enemy attacks to die, they will be in a very vulnerable position once they
turn into totems. Don't let the possessed Dragon and Flame Guard die and turn
into totems until you can get them both turned into totems on the same turn,
to avoid any risk of the totems dying. This strategy is a careful balancing
act between holding back the enemies from Sugman and getting the Flame Guard
and Dragon killed on the same turn so you can finish the mission without
risking the totems dying. The Dragon has shooting protection so it'll take
two turns to die, while the Flame Guard has ressurection, so they will have to
die in one turn or they will be restored to full health. After both the Flame
Guard and Dragon die and leave behind totems, Glendarin appears. Kill him
with Faraakh in one hit to finish the mission.

Nephrite Wasp

Khrand's Route 4 - Master's Smithy

You should have 7/6 units here, so I suggest leaving one of the Axemen
behind. Even though dwarves are slow you need to move pretty quickly here (15
turns) so place the runes of speed well and if you have feather boots use
them. Like most Khrand missions, only he can activate the quest points. The
shortest route is east across the bridge to the 1st altar, south through the
mountains and across the river, northwest to the 2nd altar, south to the 3rd
altar, then east to the forge. You'll be running into the usual assortment of
elven units - dump summons and runes liberally on them and march onward to
victory. You can recharge all of Khrands summons at each altar for 100g which
will allow you to spam lots of totems, AOEs, and summons for an easy gold with
about 6 turns to spare.

You might as well stop for the lightning bow since you will encounter quite a
few enemies at that point of the map and will need to slow down a bit. The
Summon Golem spell is also very useful since golems are pretty powerful units.

Flameguard Token - kill elven units quest
Lightning Bow - Broken skyship
Summon Golem perk - Move any unit past or on top of the Stone troll

Dwarven Mobile Stronghold
Blessing Ring

Khrand's Route 5 - Dwarven Master

The final Khrand mission is fairly easy. You should have lots of artifacts to
toy around with including the Flameguard Token, and Khrand should have a giant
list of spells. You can skip the optional quests, although it's possible to
complete them both and still get hard/gold. Don't kill every foot knight on
freiburg, just enough to get through and complete the quest. Use some AOEs
and magic on Freiburg to kill the boss and AOE down archers, and some on the
temple of marcus to take out the catapults. You want to kill most of the
catapults by the temple with AOEs before they can do anything.

Summon Crystal of the Doomed - Freiburg
Banner of High King - Punish general Schielt quest

Dwarven Mobile Stronghold
Dwarf Nobles

Brennok's Route 1 - Marshes of Shadow

Brennok's perks: Freeze, Magic Armor, Magic Flare, Lightning, Tornado, Magic
Boots, Meteor Fall, Archmage's Shield, Word of Death, Summon Golem.

Definitely pick up Firkan's Map, it makes the mission a lot easier. You can
get both artifacts, Segmented Movement, and one of the 50 XP bonuses and still
get hard/gold. Use the swamp terrain shortcut to the NE of the dragon portal.

Learn Swamp Foxes perk - Ruins
Learn Segmented Movement perk - northmost Elven Portal
50XP - Southeast and southwest Elven Portals
Staff of Eternal Flame - Dragon bones (left)
Firkan's Map - Dragon bones (right)

Amulet of Fanatic
Elixir of Life

Brennok's Route 2 - Visit to Quendaylon

Head for the Dragon's nest then head north to Ildanor. Distract the guards
with your summons then sneak Brennok north. At this point the guards should
just stand around south of Ildanor giving you time to visit the dock and build
more XP. Very easy mission. If you really want to max your XP gain get
Gylven to step onto a place of power, then pick up Second Wind and cast it on
Brennok so he can keep building XP.

Elven Bowstrings perk - Harbor
Altar Stone - Dragon's nest. This artifact is good for earning XP when
Brennok can't do anything else that turn.
100 XP for any summoned units (not Brennok) - Place of power

Ring of True Sight
Staff of Meteors

Brennok's Route 3 - The Old Inquisitor

Strong Gylven has Dragon Slave so try to get her killed so you can cast
another Gylven and cast another Dragon Slave. You'll need to carefully place
all 3 dragon slaves to kill enough orcs and get the gold. You don't get to
keep any units here, even the ones you purchase, so feel free to treat
everything as disposable. In order to get gold you have to kill the hexer and
39 orcs, which means you have to kill pretty much every enemy on the map -
play aggressively and don't miss out on too many chances to attack. If 2 or
more villages are captured the game ends. I suggest you abandon the northmost
village and focus your efforts on the middle and south ones, then head back to
the north one after you've secured the other villages.

Purchase one or two Swordsmen and place them at the middle village. This is
not necessary but it makes the mission easier, and you don't need the gold
anyway. Move the spearman and archer south towards the middle village and
abandon the north village. Move Brennock southwest towards the elven grave
and summon Gylven near the group of orcs in the corner - you want her to spot
the two hidden goblins otherwise Dragon Slave won't damage them. Cast Dragon
Slave which should kill 5-6 units including the zeppelin. Summon Glenderin at
the middle village and have Glenderin summon fencers at the middle village.
Move Brennock onto the elven grave then head northwest towards the middle
village while leaving the 3 goblin riders behind.

Once Gylven dies, summon her again at the middle village. Focus on securing
the middle village by killing the goblins in the woods and the 3 goblin riders
now heading towards the mid village. Drop a Dragon Slave on the hexer and his
group then clean up whatever's left, while sending Brennock north to the Altar
for 100 XP then northeast to the grave there. After that, head to the north
village and drop the third Dragon Slave on the grouped up enemies there. Hand
the Nephrite Wasp to Brennock for more AOE destruction.

Nephrite Wasp - kill hexer
300G - Dead tree
Night Stone - swamp castle
100XP - Dark altar

Staff of Eternity
Sword of Wrath

Bonus Mission 1 - Memory of the Dragons

Teya perks: Heal, Magic Armor, Rejuvenation, Guarded by Woods, Magic Flare,
Order to March, Regrowth, Expert Arcanist, Nature Intervention, Dragon Slave.
Teya's briefing says she's bad in a melee, but her defensive stats are
actually very good especially on a forest hex with Guarded by Woods. Place
her in front on forest terrain often and she will absorb a lot of damage.

Stick Teya and the Flame Guard in front to absorb hits. Head south towards
the forest to take on a bunch of goblin riders, goblins, and a quest objective
hexer. There are 3 goblins in the woods right next to the Dark altar, try not
to aggro them and let the hexer come to your party instead. Aggroing them
wastes a turn and you don't have many to spare on this mission. Once the
hexer is dead, head west towards the castle to claim it. Claim all 4 castle
hexes and you will get 800G and control of the castle to deploy units.
Purchase and deploy a Flame Guard. Use the castle/forest hexes to wear down
and kill the incoming riders and orcs. Teya or the Flame Guards should be
taking most of the damage.

After clearing out around the castle, head towards the fortress - there are 17
enemies in and around the fortress. There's no way you can possibly kill them
all in time so you have to use distraction instead. Lure enemies out of the
east gate with your fencers and archers while Teya, two Flame Guards, and the
dragon move around around through the south gate. What you want to happen is
to lure a large mass of enemy units out of the fortress while your force of
Teya and Flame Guards should be be barging into the fortress from the south
gate to clear a path to the quest hex. There will still be a bunch of goblins
and the shaman in the fortress, but they have low willpower so you can scare
them off and clear the way for Teya. Your fencers and archers will die but it
will give you enough time to finish the mission.

100XP - Place of power
Big Banner of Ugraum - Broken zeppelin

Flameguard Token

Brennok's Route 4 - The Master's Secret

Equip Brennok with the Flameguard Token. The Dragon is invisible and it moves
around between the three Dragon's Nests on the map. Even if you spot the
dragon early I recommend sticking around and building Brennok's XP, you can
get a good 2-3 levels out of the map and reach lv 6-7. Make sure you grab the
Horror perk since it's a useful spell.

Tooth of a Dragon - Dragon's nest
Learn Horror perk - Witch Circle
Learn Dead Bones perk - Dead mage
300G - Cave

Red Plate of Azurnash
Staff of Meteors

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Brennok's Route 4 - The Master's Secret

Equip Brennok with the Flameguard Token. The Dragon is invisible and it moves
around between the three Dragon's Nests on the map. Even if you spot the
dragon early I recommend sticking around and building Brennok's XP, you can
get a good 2-3 levels out of the map and reach lv 6-7. Make sure you grab the
Horror perk since it's a useful spell.

Tooth of a Dragon - Dragon's nest
Learn Horror perk - Witch Circle
Learn Dead Bones perk - Dead mage
300G - Cave

Red Plate of Azurnash
Staff of Meteors

Brennok's Route 5 - Breakthrough to Sylent

Time for more summons, and you get actual units to use here. Feel free to
deck them out in the piles of artifacts you have lying around. Have Brennok
run around hitting the towns/villages/castles while everyone else focuses on
the towers. It's pretty obvious the developers gave up on the difficulty here.

Segmented Movement perk - Hermit's House
Recruit Foot Knights, Swordsmen, Spearmen, Halberdiers, Royal Guards, and get
a Blessing Ring - visit towns/villages/castles with Brennok

Power of thousand roads
Heirloom of Doom

Bonus Mission 4 - Return of Ugraum

Ugraum Perks: Wild Temper, Strong Armor, Siege Master, Commanding Eminence,
Inspire to Attack, Defensive Stance, Armor Piercing, Tactician, Stolen Ralin
Boots, Slayer.

Like all defensive maps that end at the same time, your medal is awarded based
on the quests you completed. In this case it's sieze Tersia, Tersia gates,
and the elven camp. I finished the mission with 5 turns to spare so you can
play this mission fairly slow and conservatively. Most of the mission
strategy revolves around luring enemies out of their defensive positions and
fighting them on open terrain.

Start out buying an Orc Might or siege unit. You'll spend the first couple
turns near your start position on defense as enemies come in from all sides.
Keep Ugraum, Orc Mights, and War Trolls in front to absorb hits. Head towards
the first human Camp and avoid standing next to woods or hills so you can lure
the incoming enemies out. As soon as the map starts a group of 4 Elite
Rangers will start heading east through the woods towards your starting base,
and they will start coming out of the woods on enemy turn 2. If you capture
the nearby Human camp or on enemy turn 3, a group of 3 yeomen and 2 bowmen
will start moving south towards the Human camp through the woods. If you need
to, summon a golem to absorb damage from the elite rangers attacks. Avoid
capturing the human Camp on turn 2 so you have an extra turn to deal with the
Rangers. Try not to aggro any enemies unnecessarily until the waves of
enemies stop. By turns 5-6 you should have cleared out the first wave of
rangers, bowmen, and yeomen.

Head towards the broken skyship and use the gold to buy one more unit, then
visit the dead tree and get 3 goblin archers. Pick up the Shallow Water perk
for your White Ogres when they level up. Make an assault on Bakeyros then
head north. On turn 5 3 spearmen, 2 bowmen, and scout across the river will
start heading towards Tersia gate. You will likely run into them on your way
to the Tersia around turns 8-9. Stand near the castle with defensive units in
front and lure enemies out. Try not to aggro the two groups of mounted
knights across the forest from the road until you've cleared out most of the
spearmen, bowmen, foot knights, etc. Once you've cleared the outside of the
castle, move in on the siege units with golems, siege units, white ogres w/
Shallow Water perk, lightning bow, etc. As you step on the castle hexes you
will get plentiful gold to recruit new units if needed. The elven camp has a
single ranger defending it, so it's easy to grab.

Recruit 3 goblins - Dead tree
Recruit 2 goblins - A cave misnamed 'Camp' on the east side of the map across
the river.
Elixir of Life and 200G - Capture elf camp
100G - capture Tersia gates
Lightning Bow and 200G - Broken skyship
Sphere of Cold - Water mill
Night Stone - Church

Chain of Justice

Brennok's Route 6 - The Last Spell

10 of the 15 slots will be taken up by your 4 heroes and 6 battle priests who
must be deployed. The other 5 spots should be taken by your highest level
dwarves. Give Derrik Pfeil the Power of thousand roads artifact so he can
reach Sugman more easily, and spread out the AOE artifacts. The goal for this
mission is to place your 4 main heroes onto the glowing hexes, then move
Derrick Pfeil onto the Sugman hex.

You have some really overpowered options here. Gylven now has the strongest
AOE in the game, Curse of Essentil, plus Dragon Slave, and whatever other AOE
artifacts and spells you have. Immediately head towards Sugman so you can
jump the enemy groups with AOEs before they are scripted to start moving on
turns 1, 3, 5. This will completely decimate their ranks. A wave of zombies
and traitors of bows/swords will be heading towards your base camp, but if you
move away from it fast enough you won't have to bother with them. With Gylven
dropping her overpowered AOEs you can mop up the main Sugman force in about 5-
6 turns, leaving only a few enemies left to clean up. Use the previous strat
of getting her killed repeatedly so you get another batch of AOEs.

Once all 4 heroes are on the glowing hexes, the Sugman barrier will drop and
Pfeil must step onto Sugman. 4 Demon's Servant will spawn along with a final
wave of enemies incoming. At this point you should just do everything you can
to get Pfeil onto the hex. Leave him on the hex for 3 turns and you win. I
finished this with 11 turns to spare so the developers didn't tune the gold
time very well.

If you haven't played the single player missions, you still have some more
gold medals to collect.

Barrel of Church Wine - Verson (optional quest)

7. Fantasy Wars Walkthrough

Coming Soon.

8. Data Tables
Borrowed from CactusMortis Elven Legacy FAQ:


Altar Stone:
Effects: Cleanse debuffs
target: self
uses: 5

Amulet of Fanatic:
Effects: Melee +3, Defence -2

Ancient Crown:
Effects: Melee +3, Defence -1

Axe of Madness:
Effects: Melee +2, Defence -1

Banner of Valor:
Effects: All attacks +1 to neighbourFriends

Barrel of Church Wine:
Effects: All attacks +2, Willpower +20%

Big Banner of Ugraum:
Effects: All attacks +1 to neighbourFriends

Blessing Ring:
Effects: AntiFlame

Bow of Doom:
Effects: +2 Missile

Burning Sword:
Effects: Defence: -1, Melee +2

Chain of Justice:
Effects: Move +1, +3 Charge

Claw of a Spectral Wolf:
Effects: Summon spell: spectral Wolves
uses: 2

Cloak of a Saint:
Effects: Defence +3

Desecrated Relic:
Effects: All attacks -1, Defence +2

Eye of an Eagle:
Effects: Sight +1

Elixir of Life:
Effects: Resurrection
target: self
uses: 1

False Prey:
Effects: Lure enemy
target: self
uses: 3

Feather Boots:
Effects: Move +1

Firkan's Map:
Effects: Move +1

Flameguard Token:
Effects: Resurrection

Heirloom of Doom:
Effects: InvisibleStance
target: friendUnit
uses: 3

Helm of Saint:
Effects: Defence +1

Horn of Fury:
Effects: Melee +1

Horn of Horror:
Effects: Willpower -20% to neighborEnemies

Infernal Slayer:
Effects: Slayer, Skirmish +4

Lance of Glory:
Effects: Charge +2

Lightning Bow:
Effects: Attack spell: Strength 15
target: enemyUnit
uses: 2

Long-range Bow:
Effects: Range +1
target: friendUnit
uses: 3

Mummy Eye:
Effects: Sight +1, SeeInvisible

Nephrite Wasp:
Effects: Attack spell: Strength 8, Defence -2
target: areaEnemyUnits
uses: 3

Night Stone:
Effects: Invisibility

Power of thousand roads:
Effects: FreeMovement, SegmentedMovement

Power Stone:
Effects: All attacks +3, Defence +2

Red Plate of Azurnash:
Effects: Defence +1

Relics of Marcus:
Effects: Defence +2, Willpower +20%

Ring of True Sight:
Effects: Sight +1, Defence +2

Shield of the Ancients:
Effects: All attacks -1, Defence +3

Shield of Marcus:
Effects: Defence +20
target: self
uses: 3

Sign of Sacred Hammer:
Effects: Melee +3

Silent Hammer:
Effects: Invisibility, Melee +2

Sphere of Cold:
Effects: River movement 100%

Staff of Eternity:
Effects: Defence +2

Staff of Meteors:
Effects: Attack spell: Strength 11
target: areaAnyUnits
uses: 1

Staff of The Eternal Flame:
Effects: Attack spell: Strength 10
target: enemyUnit
uses: 1

Standard of High King:
Effects: Defence +1, Willpower +10% to neighbourFriends

Sword of Wrath:
Effects: Attack spell: Strength 9, All attacks -2
target: enemyUnit
uses: 1

Tooth of Dragon:
Effects: Summon spell: Spectral Dragon
uses: 1

Wand of Flare:
Effects: Attack spell: Strength 7
target: areaAnyUnits
uses: 1

Stats and modifiers:

Status Caps:
maxDefence = 20, maxAttackSkill = 20, maxWillpower = 20,
maxSight = 10, maxMovepoints = 10
*Note: The most attack or defence you can have against another unit is 20, but
you still need additional points to defeat the target's stats. IE: 30 attack
points are needed against a defence of 10 in order to do the full 20 attack
bonus. Only comparatively very weak units benefit from these caps, so it's
almost irrelevant.

Defence Modifiers:
Hard Target = 2/3 To all AttackSkill
Anti-Charge = 1/3 Charge AttackSkill
Anti-Flame = 1/3 FlameBreath AttackSkill
Anti-Shooter = 1/2 Missile AttackSkill
*Note: All direct damage spells are considered a "FlameBreath" AttackSkill. IE:
a Blessing Ring will reduce a dragon's FlameBreath and all spell damage to 1/3.

Attack Modifiers:
Armor Piercing = Negates Hard Target
Slayer SkillBonus = +10 against trolls, heroes, war machines, flyers.
Crowd Killer SkillBonus = + 4 against non-slayer units.
StoneThrower SkillBonus = 167% against unit stacks with a maximum hp of 15.

There is a bug with Sagittel's Elven Wrath ability where the attack bonus and
defense penalty jumps between units standing next to eachother and stacks up.

If a unit is reduced to 50% or less HP, then during the current attack
or the next:
2 or more damage will cause Retreat.
4 or more damage will cause Broken status.

Any additional willpower gained through perks or artifacts will subtract from
the 50% equation above. Horn of Horror will add 20% to surrounding enemies.

There are a few rare unit exceptions that have naturally higher willpower:
Dwarven Mobile Stronghold - +10%
Summoned Crystals - +20%
Summoned Runes - +100%
Golems - +100%
Farrakh - +100%
Farrakh's Spirits - +100%

Cause Fear ignores willpower completely and can only be negated with Fear
Immunity. Any unit that retreats but has no path of escape will
automatically be Broken.

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