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Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim Real-time strategy game set in the magical kingdom with indirect control of the player’s heroes.

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Old 09-23-2009, 09:59 AM
Pankratz1980 Pankratz1980 is offline
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OK, so I finally managed to download the demo.
Love it! The second mission was hard, but that's a GOOD thing! Games today "finish themselves", this one actually requires dedication.
Will buy it for sure along with Death to Spies Moment of Truth when it's finally released in the UK.
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Old 09-23-2009, 11:58 PM
Nokturnal Nokturnal is offline
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Originally Posted by Elwin View Post
werebears you say ... i couldnt deal with ogres xD i destroyed few graveyeards and snakenest but those ogres were too much
hm i often end with thing that my heroes live but ogres destroy guilds and then heroes go to castle and do nothing ...
Yes the ogres are quite a pain, after my first encounter with them i set out to destroy all their caves (is it cave?) before i bothered to clear out the rest of the map. The flying snakes are annoying too, but easy for heroes to kill after they level up a bit.
The ogres have half a dozen caves all down the bottom left hand corner, even a couple tucked away in the far corner that i'd missed when i played the demo.

Unfortunately you can't stop them from spawning because like the werebears, they will eventually be coming from the edge of the map at random intervals. However, if you take out their caves then atleast there won't be as many terrorizing the town.

Don't forget that a big creature (werebear/ogre) coming into town is just a good excuse to throw some gold to your heroes, put on a bounty of 500 or so - Usually get atleast a few interested, hopefully some clerics too so they won't all die .
The quicker your heroes get new equipment the quicker you can stop worrying about them, especially wizards and rogues. They always seem to be the first to die out of my heroes.

By the way, i found a forum lastnight that had described a quick and easy way to cheat by editing a save file. Not entirely sure about how much can be changed, but starting gold is all i really wanted, makes those insanely hard to beat levels just a bit more possible.

When i get home later tonight i'll make a thread to pass on the trick to others.
I feel that they really should of included in-game cheats as the original had done. I know cheating isn't always necessary, but with a game like this cheats can make it so much more fun.

Wow..i ramble alot when i'm bored at work.. Sorry for the long post.
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