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Old 10-04-2011, 01:54 AM
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Default have 1C downsized internal development?

anyone else get or got the sense 1C is or has seriously cut down on russian titles developed and published?

since about a year or two ago I started to notice this, as I am a big fan of reading (I'm only learning russian) the news updates on the russian 1c site. and recently it's all been news updates on stuff I consider garbage on there, console focus international titles (european, american, japanese), where 1c is handling the russian publishing or localisation. some of these are good games of course, but they're garbage in the sense that I have no interest in reading them, so I skip those posts on the news site like I skip spam on my email. hehe, no offense to 1c publishing or localisation, or the makers of those games for that matter. but what I read that news stream for are all the juicy details on upcoming russian developed titles and screenshots of those. maybe I'm the only one. hehe.

but, any comment from forum staff or 1c people on this? it seems a couple of years ago there were a lot more titles in announced simultaneous development. now there is..

captain blood (which has been in development for.. 10 years? heh), royal quest, new men of war (5th in mow series, 8th in overall series?), star wolves 3 ashes of victory (4th in series), death to spies ghosts of moscow (3rd in series), real warfare 2 (4th in series), alien hallway.

then there is if I remember correctly another men of war title in development that has been mentioned, but not announced (can't remember where I read this right now, so statement accuracy percentage potentially dropping a bit here)? so 7 games announced in development?

is the russian publishing of internationally developed titles so much more lucrative? where are all the russian games

also, I have to say. I'm really scared for the console focus of death to spies ghosts to moscow.

thanks for your time guys. good thing I don't have a blog

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