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Men of War New World War II strategy game

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Old 07-16-2015, 12:22 AM
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Default Unbelieveable on Hard Mode

After 32 hours on just the US Carentan level, I've decided to quit the game. I think I have about 244 hours just on Assault Squad 2 alone, with probably the same amount in the first AS.

My biggest problem is the difficulty scaling between "Normal" and "Hard". On normal difficulty the game is literally a laughable stomp from point to point, and I think it took me about 12 hours total to beat every nation's Skirmish modes. When you go to hard mode, it turns into something that loses realism and isn't very fun to play. I primarily play single-player and have no interest in doing Steam multiplayer with a bunch of 12-year-olds. The MOW: Heroic Club group on Steam is mostly dead the few times I've asked for advice or help, but that's to be expected I guess. I pointed out Carentan in particular because of the absurd way they designed the first three capture points. The river in the middle allows StuGs and Pumas to camp you without any way to hit them, and the first spawn on your side of the river only gives you the Rangers. I think it would have been vastly different had we be given a small AT gun or maybe the Airborne units after the first cap, because that river means your Rangers could all be Spiderman and it wouldn't matter with 2 StuGs and a Puma camping them waiting for them to pop up. I've tried to cheat the game and use time advancement and dig it until I had enough resources for a dozen AT infantry units, but suiciding them into (by that point) 3 StuGs and 2 Pumas is a losing proposition.

Perhaps they should have a warning or something in-game that says "Hard and Heroic modes are not meant for SP skirmish" or something below it. I can see having a couple friends playing or something and using real-time chat to coordinate AT movements making it easier, but it's just not viable solo.

I've looked around and the only videoes for Carentan I see are of Normal mode or multiplayer Hard/Heroic modes. Haven't found a single one of a solo playthrough of Carentan. And it isn't just Carentan btw, even the German campaign gets absurd in Market Garden when you have 3-4 Cromwells on you before you get the third capture point. After the third one there, it's game over even if you manage to save the MP to buy a Tiger.
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