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Default Helped myself

I'm not the kind of guy who gives up easily, even if software issues can't be solved through intimidation and force of will. Anyway I found a solution. Well, let's say two-thirds of a solution.
Fantasy Wars had a map editor too, which is still available for download.
The EL map editor gets stuck only if it needs to generate the landscape. This doesn't include putting units, tasks, rewards or diplomacy.
So my incomplete solution is this.
Create a map using the FW editor, and use the generator function.
Copy the map folder and paste it in the EL appropriate folder.
Work on the map without changing the appearence of a single hex This is the key, don't modify terrain, buildings or scenery.
Save the map.
This allows me to use the EL editor with all new functions such as "diplomacy" and all the units. Sadly, cool EL terrain features such as palm trees, ancient elven castles or Teya and Gilven cursing each other can't be used.

And so I can create fancy battlefields where my kids can indulge in joyous brotherly conflict.

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