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Exclamation BUG Magic coyote staying phased bug

I am trying to do the magic coyote quest got most of the way to killing him in his desert minimap but then he didn't unphase back to solid so i could hit him. he is suppose to phase out and become transparent while he summons waves of creatures. you beat the wave he becomes solid and you can hit him. the last time he became solid there was one stone coyote that was not killed i killed it and then chain lightninged the boss magic coyote while my summoned champion and a resurrected maddog attacked him and he phased out but did not summon the next wave. now he can hit me but it takes him a while and a can dark path teleport to the other side of the mini map and he does not chase me until i get in range but i can not leave the mini map until the quest is done when the magic coyote is dead and i cannot hit him when he is phased.
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