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Default anyone still pursuing unlocks here?

Originally Posted by The Globalizer View Post
Since no one has responded, I will - the answer is "yes". I'm working on the IL-10 unlocks to finish Weapon Collector now, and I'm getting unlocks every 5-10 wins.
Hey Globalizer, it's been awhile since your post but are you still working on any unlocks? I'm new to the forum but I've got experience online. Some help with the more obscure trophies would help such as the comrade in arms trophy and the HE-111 h-3 unlock. I've got several unlocks and trophies completed but there's a few I've been having difficulty with due to players quitting when they're behind so I figure I could use a boost on a few of these

Anyone else interested let me know and we'll work something out! Thanks! PSN: veritas41
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