View Full Version : What's your most favourite and least favourite tanks ? why?

07-31-2009, 08:23 PM
Come let's dicuss which tanks for all 4fractions do u guys like and dislike , and why
For me would be :

1 ) Germans
Most favourite : Panther ( because it's a all rounder tank and it can withstands mutiple hits from the allied super tanks such as the T-29 , IS 3 and pershing . And it does have the speed too )

Dislike : Jagdtiger ( too darn slow , and can get easily flank )

2 ) Russia
Most favourite : KV-85 ( It's cheap , yet effective and the 85 MM gun ain't that bad , and it can withstand hits from more expensive tanks such as the Panther , Pak 40 . )

Least favourite : Kv-2 . ( reason is it's just too slow and the turret is worst and doesn't do any much damages . )

3) USA
Most favourite : The m18 Hellcat ( it's the fastest tank in the game and in the war too , and up till now it's still the fastest tank with top speed of up to 89km/H , and the gun it's pretty decent too .. can be used for flanking pusposes )

Dislike : (The t-29 , bullshit tank . Doesn't justify the cost . Easily knocked out by the king tiger or Jagdpanther , and it's terrible slow too )

4) British ( UK )
Most favourite : The centurion . ( it can withstand a great deal of punishment with it's amour , although it cannot take on a tiger/panther or jagdpanther head on , it still does have the speed to flank if it's used skillfully . And the 75MM gun does a pretty great deal of damage too )

Dislike : A-39 turtle tank . ( worst tank ever, easily knock out by the king , IS 3 , and other heavy tanks tanks and it's terribly slow ., and the gun doesn't do much damage to other heavy tanks in it's league , doesn't justify the cost )

08-01-2009, 08:50 AM
Many factors lead to my choices and I will therefore explain the reasons why I chose the tanks to be of my liking and disliking.

Germany - King Tiger aka KonigsTiger
Reasons - Nothing is more menacing than this mean beast that is capable of dominating tank battles for long periods and no one can disagree with that. Armed with a fearsome pak 43 88mm gun, the King Tiger is capable of striking targets with a 95 percent chance of a kill. It hard to find a tank thats capable of matching the battle strength of the King as the King Tiger has got a more durable armour. The flaw of the King is only of its massive weight which is a drag down to its immense power and therefore having such a heavy body armour, speed is effectively decreased.

Russia - T-34/85
Reasons - Fast, packing a punch on german tanks this tank is the most upgraded t-34 tank in its series. Armed with an 88mm gun, this tank is capable of sudden strike and after taking out german tanks, it can utilise its speed to escape after an engagement. Overall the design is good with a well made frontal armour, good accuracy and compact shape makes it one of the best tanks in the world and has even entered the hall of fames list. I truly agree that this tank is a saviour to us all just like in air combat, the P-51 mustang. Recommended tank to be used.
Worse Tank - IS-3, I consider it as a failure in the Russian tank technology because of its slow reloading time as the gun gets heated up too hot and requires a longer cool down time. Slow in Turret turning.

USA - M 18 Hellcat
Reasons - The fastest tank in the world capable of topping a world record of 89km/h and don't be surprised that this tank is even faster than any modern day monsters like the Leopard 2A6 and the M1Abrams. Built to destroy german tanks and run away with its speed, this little hunter is right up there among the best ever tank destroyers ever made. However, due to its light armour sacrificed for speed, the Jagd Panther is my favourite tank destroyer.
Worse Tank - T-29, I have no idea what this piece of junk is for.

Britain - Sherman Firefly
Reasons - The 17 pounder anti tank gun is a real fear to all german tank crews and now britain upped its tank technologies by mounting that gun on a fast medium tank called the Sherman Tank. Wise choice and using this mean machine is capable of delighting you. Able to engage Tigers and Panthers at long distances, this tank is a nasty enemy to be faced against. Famous for destroying the greatest tank commander in history, Michael Wittman on his Tiger, we should not underestimate this tank.
Worse Tank - A39 Turtle, same reasons with the T-29

All in all, there all many great tanks out there but I've come to my final verdict and I have decided my favourite tank is the King Tiger due to its immense power and strength. If only Germany managed to hang onto its resource plants, the King Tiger armour material will not be reduced in terms of quality.

09-06-2009, 11:42 PM
my fav tank is the is-3 it easily knocks out any of the german tanks exept the kingtiger. and ive taken out panthers with the is-3 from the the front.

09-10-2009, 01:07 AM
You all may find this funny, but I have been real lucky with the SU76 against assault guns. The german tiger protected and sitting back with an infantry screen. The SU is fast and can flank enemies. The tiger well its a tiger a hidden sniper allows it to do what it was intended to do. As much as I love the panther if you use the tiger correct it is very potent. Still working with the allied tanks and for now I will say I like the matilda for brits (told you you would find it funny) verdict is still out on american tanks

09-10-2009, 04:34 PM
I like heavy hitters, so panther and firefly are the best for me. Both have excelent penetration values while having a good speed. Panther also has the benefit from a strong armor.

Both of this tanks pair with a officer/sniper + manual targeting can lay waste to most of the tanks out there.

12-18-2009, 07:13 PM
my favorite is Tiger 1. But what i hate most are JS 3, centurion, and those experimental, they werent used in the entire ww2. If they Americans can have T-29 then the germans should have maus. And there were just 20 pershings in all Europe before the war ended and just one was destroyed:evil:

12-18-2009, 08:01 PM
The IS-3 may have been used in Berlin, but I know it was paraded down its streets after the battle was over.

My favorite, however, is the T-34. I would give it atleast a above average for its speed, turrent turning speed, and reload speed. It is easy to produce and cheap.

My least favorite tank is the KV-2. It is too slow in everything. It has excellent armor, and fires a 152mm round.

12-20-2009, 12:44 AM
i prefer fast tanks with strong guns. my gameplay dont need heavy armored tanks.

GER: Jagdpanther: best/fastest tank ingame (i love this tank)
RUS: SU-100: strongest russian gun & fast ... but long reloadingtime
USA: Slugger: strong and fast ... but weak armor
GBR: i hate playing GBR :rolleyes:

12-20-2009, 02:38 AM
My Fav tanks would probably be:

GER: King Tiger, it has a huge gun and its got enough armor to withstand alot of hits...atleast on its front. Though it is slow, but thats just a minor detail, the KT isnt meant to move so much.

I hate all Assault guns though, they have no turret traverse and are easily flanked. I like a Tank that can atleast somewhat fire on the move where as a AG has to turn its whole body and what not.

USSR: Probably the KV85, it seems to have a pretty decent gun and it has enough armor to take a few hits. Also it isnt to pricy.

least fav here: T34/76..its gun doesnt seem to be that good and it bounces to much of some of the weirdest stuff

USA: M4A3E2 (76) W Jumbo It has good armor, good gun and it is an all around good tank =D

least fav: any of the stubby 75mm shermans, they are soooo bad vs tanks...isnt tanks is what your sposed to fight tanks w/?

UK: im not a fan of any of the British tanks, except maybe the Firefly or Centurion. I havent played the British enough really to know though

01-02-2010, 06:29 AM
My favorite, however, is the KV-2. I would give it atleast a above average for its speed and reload speed. My least favorite tank is the T-34. It is too slow in everything.

Zeke Wolff
01-02-2010, 04:21 PM
least fav: any of the stubby 75mm shermans, they are soooo bad vs tanks...isnt tanks is what your sposed to fight tanks w/?

US Shermans weren´t designed to fight against other tanks, they were designed to act as infantry support. Enemy tanks were supposed to be knocked out by US Tank Destroyers and that´s why a Sherman most oftenly ends up burning when meeting a German tank. The 76mm armed Sherman were much better against enemy tanks but its high explosive shells were much weaker than the 75mm dittos. The best thing with the Sherman were that they were easy to drive, maintain and produce in large quantities.


01-03-2010, 11:55 AM
My favorite, however, is the KV-2. I would give it atleast a above average for its speed and reload speed. My least favorite tank is the T-34. It is too slow in everything.

The more I play this game the more and more I am finding out the T34/76 is quite a sad little tin can. Its gun is low velocity so its penetration is garb, its armor actually isnt that good....its worse then a sherman, guess that slope is what saved it, but probably not much. In game I have had 3 on 2 odds vs the PzrIII and I lose 2 tanks. THen the PzrIV just comes around the corner w/ its nice little 75mm and blows it away in 1 shot. The KV85 or T34/85 is soooo much better. Even the T34/57 is better for gun power...the 57 is like 20 points higher or so in penetration.

now ill let the thread get back on topic......