View Full Version : Thanks for continuing the series

05-30-2009, 04:04 AM
Hello and greetings to the community. I'm a big fan of the franchise, having played Soldiers: Heroes of WW2, Silent Heroes and Faces of War. All great titles I enjoyed very much.

I'll never forget years ago when the S:HoWW2 demo was released. It was an awesome experience endlessly playing the level until I finally mastered it. I immediately pre-ordered the game and couldn't wait for it to finally be published.

Compared to its former titles, I find MoW the most challenging. As usual, I'm playing on normal difficulty and am just managing to hang in there so far.

I favor squad tactics, so S:HoWW2 and SH are still my choice games so far. I guess I'm a better Squad Sarge than Field Commander. As such, the massive offense/defense battles of the later titles weren't quite as fun for me.

My only mild gripe is that, in contrast, MoW victories don't seem as rewarding as the previous titles. I'm often left with a "skin of the teeth" feeling upon completing missions, that I've won not because of my superior tactics, but merely by the pure luck of having a decisive tank or AT canon in the right place at the right time.

For example: on the closing objective of the first German mission (Mercury) my single remaining AT grenade trooper scored an incredibly lucky hit on the last flak gun obstacle one split second before the final JU-52 touched down on the runway.

Nevertheless and all the same... as a WWII RTS fan, this series is second to none, and I'm always thrilled when a sequel is published. And no, I'll refrain from comparing the title(s) to Relic's Company of Heroes. They're both awesome, for different reasons.

In the same vein, I also enjoy playing the Codename: Panzers, Act of War and World in Conflict franchise. Consequently, I'm keeping an open mind and enjoying the diversity.

I'd simply like to say Спасибо! (hope that's correct for "thanks" in Russian), Best Way. And please keep up the good work.