View Full Version : A Few Questions

05-17-2009, 12:03 PM
Can you give you soldiers FG42's?

Can you get a Tiger 2 "King Tiger"?

Does men of war have a strong online community?


05-17-2009, 03:58 PM
1)2 or 3 out of a squad of Fallschirmjaegers (German paratroopers) have the Fallschirmjaegergewehr 42.

2)The PzKwIV Koenigstiger is in the game.

3)There's always people playing MoW online, mostly Russian but there are quite a few European and American players too. You won't have any problem finding a game versus skilled players.

05-18-2009, 12:57 AM
thanks for replying, i think its about time i buy this game:grin: