View Full Version : buildings are gone

05-05-2009, 10:52 PM
i opened the vernon map with the map editor but i have no idea how to use the editor so i just quit but when it asks me if i want to save the changes i clicked yes thinking that i didnt change anything. But now when i go into the map now all the buildings are gone and my game crashes when i try to put down a tank trap. i was able to play the vernon map before i did this and it had all the buildings and there was no problem with putting down anti tank traps. i tried to reinstall the game without deleting the saved files but the problem is still there. so now i delete the game including the profiles and stuff execept the game_progress.set file because i want to have that mission unlocked so i can see if it got fix but it is still not fix. Any ideas? should i delete game_progress.set too?