View Full Version : MoW SP gameplay

Mad Cat
02-12-2009, 08:04 PM
Howdy ya'll. I've been anticipating this game since it was first announced as a project but there is just one thing I'd really like to know from those who already own it in Eastern Europe and the Russian Federation before I decide whether or not to purchase this game for myself.

What is the single player gameplay like?

I ask this because I simply detested Faces of War and its single player gameplay. I hated that game so much I gave away a practically brand new(used once) $55(US) game to get it out of my sight. I very nearly threw it in the trash I was so disappointed by it.
Arcadish and ugly icon symbols cluttering up the screen and arcadishly simple minded 'bots that do all of the work for you in any difficulty level just because you happen to get close to an objective are not at all what I wanted from a Soldiers-Heroes of World War II(OstFront) sequel.
I have played the one mission single player MoW demo(Crete airfield) and to say the least I wasn't impressed by what I saw at all except for certain control features. Those arcadish ugly icons were back floating over my soldiers and lighting up their feet destroying the look of the game, and any screenshots, with their presence. The targeting of enemy vehicles was just as bad with its hideous color changing once the target reticle was swept over it. And, worst of all, the restricted map objectives was back with a vengeance, making free roaming of the map impossible and the 'bots were once again doing all the work if you could only just get close to the objective with some of them.
I gave up arcade games a very long time ago because I was looking for better and more realistic gameplay and images. I found the greatest game I've ever enjoyed in S-HoWWII. I still play it because of its infinite modability and hugely enjoyable ability to allow every mission to be achieved in a different way every time you play them. The ability to free roam the maps at will, and choose how and when the objectives are taken, are a couple of the greatest features of S-HoWWII. That and the fact that the gamer has the responsibility of taking the objectives in the game and not the friendly 'bots. I didn't see any of that stuff at all in the MoW demo, it just looked, felt, and played like a cloned mission from Faces of War. That disappointed me to no end since this game is being touted as the true sequel to S-HoWWII.
So I'm asking you guys and gals who already have the game, should I even bother with buying it? Is it just a clone in gameplay of Faces of War? Or does Men of War actually allow map free roaming and objective order selection like the original Soldiers-HoWWII?

Sincerely, Chris(Mad Cat)