View Full Version : Zombies, Robotic Scorpions and Wizards Invade the Internet

02-04-2009, 08:42 AM
1C Company, Aspyr and 505 Games have today unveiled a website - www.necrovision-game.com - for upcoming horror FPS NecroVisioN, the game that sees players crawling through the trenches of World War One straight into the jaws of Hell. NecroVisioN is launching exclusively on PC in February 2009.

Fans looking for a classic old-school FPS experience, can use the website to uncover more information about the B-movie style plot of NecroVisioN. Why are the dead rising from their graves? How did a mad German scientist build a huge robot in 1917? What is the mysterious war between vampires and demons? The answers to all these questions and more, can be found within the different pages of the site.

Alongside details about the plot, the site also contains a range of screenshots from NecroVisioN, exclusive videos of the game in action and wallpaper for desktops.