View Full Version : Can I buy this game in USA ?

01-31-2009, 04:49 PM
I just finished playing the demo and I must say this is one of the best WWII games I have ever played!! I love the micro management in this game because it allows you to control individual units. AI is great too. Cover system is fantastic ! You can basically command your men to take cover by almost any object!. I just can't wait for this game to be released !!!!!

My only concern is that I live in USA. Can someone confirm for me if this game will be released here? If so, when? I see that it has the release date for Feb. 20th but I assume that is the date for European release.

I've found this website http://www.gamersgate.com/?page=product&what=view&sku=DD-MOW that allows me to buy it and download it once it is released. But, is there anywhere I could order a hard copy? Otherwise I would have to order from Amazon.uk.com but I'm sure it would be very expensive to get it that way....

02-02-2009, 12:11 AM
Latest update is Feb 20th '09 for the international version.