View Full Version : stuck at level 1

01-27-2009, 09:03 AM
hi,i stuck at the very begining of the game , after he wokes up i open the first door it is a low door and i need to courch , after i open it i cannot walkthrough it , the opened entrence to the next room like a wall.
i dont know i think may be it is a bug,please help me to solve this problem.

01-27-2009, 09:05 AM
reply as fast as possible please

01-27-2009, 09:19 AM
Try to right click doors and other stuff to open your way.

01-27-2009, 03:09 PM
can you please explain with more details ,i clicked on the door it opened but i still cannot get in even when i trying close it and get in at the same time, the path to that room like an invisable wall stands between me and the room,please help me i will very greatful if you do so!

01-28-2009, 05:28 AM
ya i'm having the same problem wish someone can help !!! this is crazy i had the same kinda problem with fallout 3 and it was drm related much tks b4 hand if ya can help

01-28-2009, 06:26 AM
Try to enter the room backwards, or come close to the opened door and try to close it, sometimes it will kick you to the next room.

01-28-2009, 03:12 PM
ya that didnt work either i Think i have done tried everything i could.

01-30-2009, 05:46 PM
ok guys in this never ending search that i have been on the last few days i got some were today with this game. when i started the game u have to crouch and walk through the door well it was like there was invisiable wall there so u coulcnt get through back to the door i keep trying to close the door well it kick me into the next room this wasonly after hours and hours of installing uninstalling playing tring to get into that door well it took forever but now i can enjoy the game