View Full Version : Men Of War: Assault Squad ERROR

11-12-2013, 10:15 AM
So I have some serious problem with this game, which is making me angry.

Almost week ago I bought Men of War: Assault Squad game in steam. I launched the game and everything was perfect. Played few hours, but then my laptop swithed off (because of overheat - yea, Im lazy with my cooler repair). Not the first time, i turned it on and tried to play further. I launched game app, but I got a message from Steam that game could not launc (error code 51).
Ok, no problem, I will reinstall it! But after reinstallation the problem was still actual. I searched in forums, but found nothing about my problem. I didnt made any mods or other game interruptions!
Somehow after numerous swithcoff/on and few reinstallations I managed to launc the game. Because of my happiness about this fact I forgot about overheat risk and yes - shit happens - I got the same problem again!

Now Im reinstalled this game godknowshowmanytimes, turned off and on before, after reinstallations, game launch and tried any other options which maybe was the reason why I launched game again before this.
I tried to launch it with(out) steam, directly from its application, tried several suggestions about map deletion in My Docs folder and game revalidation.... THE PROBLEM IS STILL ACTUAL!

My laptop fits all of game requirements, in other case I wouldnt launched it before and play few hours without any problems!

01-22-2014, 10:08 AM
Hi iBeaver,

this seems to be a problem more related to Steam than the game itself. Please check this forum post: http://gsngaming.com/topic/3254-steam-error-failed-to-start-error-code-51/

They suggest renaming your folder with Steam games (steamapps to steamapps_old) and then re-downloading the game. You can also contact our tech support at support [at] 1cpublishing.eu, but as I mentioned, this is more of a Steam-client related issue, since users are reporting that many other games cannot be launched with the same error code 51.


02-21-2014, 04:09 AM
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