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04-01-2013, 10:02 AM
During past years flying online, one particular problem appeared that some no-good players misuse for quite some time now.

And that shortcoming is joining online without a callsign. I am not sure about the existence of players with completelly blank (characterless) callsign field, but I saw players who join with one blank character for a callsign.

So, what kind of issues that produces?

1. these individuals don't appear on the server list, so it is impossible for server admins to kick them if they don't obey rules;
2. they are visible on the scoreboard, but they are not registered by stats - you never have them in stats as shot down, damaged or anything else; if shot down, the person who shot them down gets probable aircraft kill;
3. they can select limited planes even if they are all used and fly them;
4. and interestingly, they disappear from subsequent track recordings - I started recording at the beginning of a map; when mission ended, I reviewed track and everything was fine; then I tried to make a excerpt with quick record function, and to my surprise, no-callsign-player's plane was invisible; on track, I was shooting at thin air, got message I got his wing, he crashed, I got the kill, but he was totally invisible; tried re-recording many times, restarted game, computer, but to the same result every time.

Considering the above, I am hoping that this issue will be addressed, so that we can have more orderly and fun online sessions.