View Full Version : Dear TD, my I humbly request (even if it's for 4.13) the PAT Camera Mod?

01-03-2013, 07:45 PM
Sadly, since the latest releases of HSFX, the AAA PAT Camera Mod, is no longer useable.

This camera was an incredibly useful feature to enable movie-makers to use various camera positions that are currently unavailable in the up to date patched official game.

Below are examples of the MOD, one of which I used in my first Checkertails film.

Check this footage from Checkertails Part 1 at the 31minutes and 31 seconds mark:


or see these clips to see some of the other user selectable positions.



This camera modification, which has already been made and can be seen working, would be a significant advantage to all of us who like movie-making, and also would be a great addition to show of the new effects being planned.

Can I please urge you to consider this as it really is useful and is also a mod that has already been successfully created?

Thanks for taking time to consider this, cheers, MP