View Full Version : question about AI and player attribution

11-25-2012, 11:21 PM
ok so i'm starting with this editor (the AS one), and there are few things i can't figure out.

firstly, i don't know how to add crew to enemy vehicles. with field guns, i put them under my control, make the crew get in, select the gun and the crew inside, and switch to player1. but it's impossible with vehicles to select the crew inside and switch the team.

about AI now: should i leave enemy troop under AI control, they just act crazy when under attack.

and, is it possible to get an enemy crew to enter a vehicle only when attacked. like they're outside at first (cos they don't expect an attack), and then get in the vehicle, instead of going to fight.

thanks in advance.

12-02-2012, 09:45 PM
Hmm, unless the AS Editor changed you add crew to enemy vehicles like this:

F3 mode, Pick and Place tank on the map, Pick and place men beside said tank
Select all the men and the tank, then pick a team then either AI or Player for them.

Next, you then go over to your numpad and click the number on your numpad, associated with whatever team you assigned them to. So, say you made the tank and crew Team 2, you then hit "2" on your numpad.

Next, hit F1 mode, hit "2" again and then the men should become under your control, you simply tell them to get in the tank. This is pretty much for all vehicles and guns and what not.

Alright, next you wanna know if you should put the enemy as AI? Well, Yes, you do. You see, when you place the brain as Player, the unit will simply stand there, until a real player gives it orders, so if your not that team, the units stand around. When you place them as AI, then the Computer will control them, mind you, quite often clueless, but the AI will control them.