View Full Version : Pilot killed gunner unable to bail

09-25-2012, 05:54 PM
Whenever the pilot of one of the AI planes gets killed the gunners bail from the aircraft. The same is not true for the plane you are flying. I understand if I am flying and the pilot gets killed I should not be able to just jump to one of the gunners position and bail since I am already dead but if I am playing from the gunners position and my pilot gets killed I should be able to bail out of the aircraft.

Another problem that happens when the NoParachute option is checked is that you can't get out of the aircraft after you land. I have had Campaign Pilots killed because of this situation. It's fine with me that you can't exit the aircraft with that option turned on while you are in the air but I think there should be another option for exiting the aircraft without a chute while on the ground. Another reason I think there should be a separate option in the Controls is that the ejection seats kill you if you use the bail command while on the ground. If this new command was somehow linked to the NoParachute command as well as the ground you could also have the gunners or pilots make that final leap of faith without a chute.


09-28-2012, 10:31 AM
Hmm , interesting , why restrict when you can get out of the aircraft at all ?
There should somewhere be a mention you are not wearing a parachute , but jumping out of the aircraft mid air could be unrestricted , just dont expect that anything will open while falling down :)