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07-11-2012, 11:25 AM
A few of ideas I’d like to run up the flag pole…..

AI bombardier:
We already have AI gunners so as an extension of this why not have AI bombardiers available as an option on level bombing missions. The pilot is responsible for getting to the IP but then using the already existing AI pilot to fly the run in and release, after bombs gone the pilot regains control. This is some aspects would be more realistic letting a trained bombardier do his specialist task.

Landing Direction:
Now and then I have found myself being granted landing permission only to find an AI controlled plane landing in from the opposite direction, the last time this happened (only just last night) I was landing in the same direction as to which I had previously taken off from (the wind must have changed and nobody bothered to tell me).

Futher I apparenty wrongly assumed that the cloth T determined the landing direction at some fields, however I have too found myself facing my number 2 using that assumption.

Here are some possible solutions-
1. The provision of a wind sock.
2. If in response to the landing request one of the pre-existing compass headings was also included i.e. “Number 1 cleared to land…..”, “heading 030” where the 030 being the landing direction heading.
3. Wave off radio call (one of the pre-existing ones) to wave you off when are approaching against traffic.
4. A maker on the map.
5. And probably the least possible solution, a flare launch to indicate a wave off.

In general I do try and fly a proper circuit when landing (downwind, crosswind & final) and knowing from which end to join the circuit would again add a little to realism also.

QMB Mission Target = Shipping:

QMB Altitude = 0:
I have raised this one before with no response but I believe it to be an important QMB option, in that if Altitude = 0 this would defaulted to taking off (same situation as Target = Scramble), however would then allow you to attack a ground or sea target ;). Although good for practicing takeoffs and landings the Target = Scramble option is otherwise a tad boring for us ground pounders. By the way I think this sim is called IL2 and not Mig3 ;).

QMB Aircraft = Fw190/Mistal:

Hope someone finds the above ideas of interest and possible further consideration.

07-11-2012, 07:04 PM
As far as I know, the landing direction is set by the mission creator when placing the landing waypoint. I don't think the wind direction actually matters.

07-12-2012, 02:43 AM
As far as I know, the landing direction is set by the mission creator when placing the landing waypoint. I don't think the wind direction actually matters.

G'day Arrow

Well I was not being literal about the wind direction change jibe ;), I was using that as a mythical reason to explain the apparent change in the of the takeoff/landing pattern that completely reversed between me taking off and the subsequent landing.

The near miss report may have gone something like this…..

I was using the QMB scramble option, I was in a Ju88A4 with no wingman but had a single Do217 assigned as a friendly. I took off to what I think was the west (out to sea) then turned to port, the Dornier just wandered of out over the sea and I had head turn back towards him and ask him to rejoin. I then practiced formatting with the Do217 for 15 to 20 minutes then told him to dump his bombs and head for home, I continued flying in line astern until I visually picked up the field. At this point I over took the Dornier and after which started my decent while also calling for landing clearance. With this granted I then set up for a westerly approach via a left handed circuit.

While on the downwind leg of my circuit I heard the Dornier make his call for landing clearance, as I was setting up for my crosswind, I do not recall hearing the tower’s response. On final at some 10-20 metres and just about to start my flare I noticed that the Dornier with gear extended was on finals from the opposite direction estimated to still be above 100m or so. I decided to continue with the flare and braked as heavily as I dared on the roll out until I could safely exit the runway for a bumpy ride across the median to the parallel taxi-way. The Dornier passed in the opposite direction some 5 to 10 seconds later.

07-13-2012, 02:11 AM
…..additional Ideas:

Engine Temperature on the Speed Bar
It would be nice if the speed bar could also include the engine temperature, nicer still if said temperature could be colour coded green = normal, yellow = approaching overheat and red = overheating

Revised Map Board Graphic
Could the graphic for the border on the in-flight map be made to look a little less in your face, like a maybe a folded map or better still (IMO) be discarded with altogether?

07-13-2012, 07:17 PM
Very good ideas. It would be nice to have on the map the direction of the runway(just has you sugested). Many times, when landing on other airfild diferent from the take-of place, i find myself trying to figure the runway position, and have to go aroud many times, a loss of time!