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06-03-2012, 06:25 AM
There seems to be some kind of issue with the new Waypoint Options 'Patrol' setting.

I have been using it a lot because it is a great feature, especially for the AI. However, when hosting coops, I have been getting strange comments about what players are seeing on their maps. As host, I was not seeing anything strange, so I asked a friend to take a screenshot for me while I hosted a mission.

The first screenshot below is what I (the host) usually see. In this case it is a hexagonal-shaped set of waypoints. These are called Patrol Waypoints. In the FMB, you can set different shapes, such as triangle, square, etc.

The idea is that the AI will follow these waypoints and thus patrol a particular area...a feature long requested by mission builders. Other settings can be applied, such as size of the pattern, altitude and how many Cycles to complete before moving on to the next waypoint.

However, when viewed by a client in a coop, the second screenshot is what they actually see. As you can see, it's a confusing mess of waypoints. Now, just for the record, the Cycles I set for THAT particular Patrol was 0 (zero), which means that the AI will go around only one time and then go on to the next waypoint.

Even if I had set the Cycles to 10, it probably should still look like the first screenshot, not the second. As host, even if the Cycles are set to say 20, it still looks like the first screenshot.

Having all those waypoints on the screen can be very confusing to the player and I can't imagine that's the way TD wanted it to look. Hopefully, what the host sees is the correct representation and what the client is seeing can be corrected.

In any event, maybe one of the TD members can comment on this.


06-03-2012, 01:25 PM
It shouldn't look like that for clients. It must be a bug.