View Full Version : 4.11: Stationary Plane Spawning (Dogfight Server)

03-04-2012, 08:54 PM
I'm trying to set up a 4.11 Dogfight server with custom spawn points. However, I don't want the actual plane model/type of the stationary plane to be tied to the plane that is spawning. In other words, I want the player(s) to be able to spawn any flyable plane at any designated spawn point...not just a spawn point that has a stationary plane with the exact matching plane model/type. Basically, a 'Generic' custom spawn point.

I tried combinations of the different settings with no luck. I guess this can't be done?

The new Stationary Plane Spawning (in Dogfight servers) is a nice feature, but it has certain drawbacks. You see, each spawn point can only be used by one player at a time. If you place a Stationary P-38J as a spawn point and a player chooses to fly a P-38J, that spawn point is no longer available to other players (as long as the first P-38J is still in use). If a second player also chooses a P-38J, they will spawn at one of the default spawning areas, built into the map.

The only way around this is to create multiple spawn points for each flyable plane. This can quickly become problematic when creating the Home Base. If you have 10 flyable planes and want 5 spawn points for each plane, that means you have to create and find enough room for 50 spawn points. That's probably not going to happen.

The main reason I like custom spawn points is that I can locate them to a more reasonable and efficient spawning location (like near the end of a runway). Most default spawn areas seem to place the player far from the end of a runway, resulting in lengthy taxi times.

So, if I need to place 50 spawn points near the end of a runway, it's really not possible. There's probably not enough room and that many stationary planes cramped into a small area would look kind of silly anyway.

So what we need is a simple 'Generic' spawn point. This would allow any flyable plane to spawn at that location. (UP3 has this exact feature and it works perfectly.)

This way, we would only need to place a small number of spawn points in our desired location and they would be available for all the flyable planes.