View Full Version : Texture problem "glitch?"

02-07-2012, 10:47 PM
When texturing at the map, the brush makes SQUARE shapes.

This is really irritating, how can i fix this.. Is there any solution?



Zeke Wolff
02-14-2012, 01:05 PM
Of course there is a solution, you simply hasnt learned how to use the textures correctly.

If you´ve used green1 and green2 (names are just examples) as your first textures, the next ones has to be green1 and green3, or green4, or brown1. Then when you draw with the new texture option, the new texture (green1 & brown1) will blend in with the (green1 & green2) texture. Sometimes you simply cant avoid the "squared" effect, but then you can hide it with some stamps.

Basically, in the two texture windows, it is always easiest if the left one always has the same texture (green1) and the right window, is used to add any new textures.

Green1 / Green2
Green1 / Brown1
Green1 / Black1
Green1 / Brown2
etc / etc

If you then want to use another texture inside the Brown2 texture, copy the Green1 / Brown 2 texture, and replace the new copy Green1 with Stone6. When you then use this Brown 2 / Stone6 texture inside the Green1 /Brown2 texture, it will blend as long as you doesnt move outside the Brown2 areas.

Believe me, it does work, even if my explanation might sound crazy... :)

Just take your time and you´ll soon learn how to use the textures. Load up some of the original maps and take a look at them and try to learn and understand how the mappers has used their textures. It isnt as hard as it might look like.


02-14-2012, 10:27 PM
I thank you for your answers, I did try the

Green 1 / brown 1
Green 1 / stone 2

method - didn't go that well either but i wll try your other method.
I shall follow your description and try to figure, i thank you sir. :grin: