View Full Version : Request for an Updated FMB Manual

02-05-2012, 08:55 PM
Currently the only documentation I have for instructions on the FMB is a printout of the .pdf included with the IL-2 1946 boxed set.

This is fine, and has a lot of good instructions, but there have been some great additions and changes that have been added and documented in the patches (mouse wheel zoom for example!!) and I was hoping someone might have a fully comprehensive final FMB manual in .pdf form.

I have tried my best to print out all of the FMB changelogs and add them to my documentation but I would really like a comprehensive official FMB instruction manual. :grin:

I would also like a nice printable key command chart for FMB. The closest I have is my conf.ini section printed out and that works, but an official one would be even better.

Anyone got a link or plans to make one? I would be ever so grateful.