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01-31-2012, 06:58 PM
We have talked about warships, and implementing them into the game engine. It seems it is one of the tough tasks to complete.

Some also spoke about the implementation of Catapults and SeaHurricanes, catapults are possible (mods).

But now, there is something that could be done and could be also interesting. A feature that is nowhere else imlpemented.

We have already the "attach" feature implemented by Oleg, some years ago. You can launch a I-16SPB from a TB-3 motherplane.

Imagine you have a Seaplane on a catapult on a Seaplanecarrier, or Warship or something similar. You will be launched from that catapult in the air and you can perform a recon, attack or just a crash mission ;)
There could be used a trigger, invented by TD for spoting the enemy positions and bombard them with the shipartilery. :grin:

Hurricanes where launched form Merchantships to support them during an Airraid. It was a oneway ticket to a landbase, but this scenario could be interesting for Onlinewars.

But back to the "hookup" feature, you could radio a message, similar to "I want to land" to your mothership. A crane would move to the site of the ship and pick you up.

You have to land next to the ship and "drive/swim" alongside till you can use the hookup function.

This is a feature that could be used on the MTO, ETO and Pacific theater.

What do you think?! And yes I know this will be alot of work. I can`t complain about anything TD did so far, ok the first 4.11 release had a bug .. but hey, nobody is perfect. And as I have seen this great radar feature, I asked myself, why not.

I dont want a new plane X or more loadouts for Y, 5 kmh more or less ... its still a game and with TD we have so much luck, that we should be beaten if we start to whine about something ...

Without TD the game would be dead <---- keep that in mind pls

Best regards


02-01-2012, 12:19 AM
Hello Blackbird,

Thank you for your positive comments. However, it is the IL-2 fans that keep the sim alive not TD. :cool: We are just trying to make it more interesting for you.

As for your interesting idea, I hope we don't disappoint you, but it is not on our current to do list. There are quite a few things we have as WIP and we would like to finish / release those first (including few new things for ships as well hopefully).

02-01-2012, 01:08 AM
That is absolutly no disapointment, I like your comunity friendly manner. I know your WIP list is huge. Even if my idea will never see the daylight, I will always await your upcoming improvements.

Im a il2 simmer since the first Demo, back in 2001 and I have to say, I have never missed something, it was and is a brilliant game with features we have never seen before. Also the amount of planes is great! 6dof is implemented, we have carriers, Fronts from all over the world and planes to fight above them.
I realy cant tell what I am missing, maybe some Royal Naval aviation but thats partly covered. So i`m happy :)

My post was just an idea, may be it could be somewhere in the future interesting for your team but its not a major thing.

Only a nice idea...

Thank you for your quick answer and best regards

Martin ;)