View Full Version : Spawning Vehicles

12-31-2011, 11:59 PM
Ok heres my problem, i have seen videos with endless beach landings and even endless battles. But in the tutorial videos they get the Vehicles to respawn with crew in them already. How do you do this?

01-04-2012, 02:40 PM
Well, im bad at explaining but here goes my attempt: Its all done in F3 mode

So, you first go into F3 mode and place your vehicle and crew, set them to your preferred team and then mount the tank.

Next you select the tank and go into tags, put in Hidden as one of them then put in any tag you want, lets just go with Tank for now.

You then go to the squad tab, it is like the 2nd or 3rd box down on the list up at the top. Select your tank and then in the squad window right click and make a new squad, lets just name it Tank_Sq.

Now, you go to the waypoints tab and create a new waypoint. Unselect autolink and then hit "new" You then click one waypoint on the map andthen a 2nd. After doing that select your first holding shift andthen click your 2nd waypoint.

Next go to the conditions/triggers tab and make a new trigger

You first make a delay trigger, that I think is on the main trigger window down at the bottom, set in a delay of like 5 or so, it doesnt matter really. Then go back in and make another trigger, this time under "Other" I think it is, find Squad_to_waypoint and make it. In there you will have to select the waypoint and the squad you want to move to said waypoint. So, you select waypoint as 0 or w/e your waypoint number is one the map. (You can go back and check it if you click the waypoints tab). Then under squad you select "tank_sq" and then hit ok. I believe thats all there is to it. If you want it to auto assign you would then add another delay and add another trigger under "other" that is autoassign. You would then have to choose the team to autoassign to and the tag to be autoassisgned.

If you want it to spawn more and more and more tanks, well, Blobbob22 on youtube has a video on how to spawn a convoy...that explains it alot better then I can, ive not done it in awhile.