View Full Version : Is Mosquito canopy frame fixed yet?

12-28-2011, 07:19 PM
Hi all, I haven't flown Il-2 for years, but the 4.11 AI fixes have restored my interest!

I was wondering if anyone's fixed the canopy frame on the Mosquito yet? It's been misaligned since it was introduced.

I'm talking about the bar at the top of the windscreen. It's an L-section bar that runs horizontally but it appears to have been rotated along the lateral axis (the axis that runs from wingtip to wingtip) by about 30° or so. It makes this bar appear too high, and the longitudinal frame on the aircraft's centreline protrudes into the windscreen area.

I'd show screenshots but I don't have Il-2 installed right now.

Hope you all have good New Years celebrations - I'm going to be welcoming 2012 from the Accident & Emergency department of a large hospital...