View Full Version : These 6 official missions that come with the game should be fixed in future patches

09-10-2011, 10:43 PM
Did you know...

...that IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 still contains 6 .mis-files with design errors that makes those 6 missions impossible to have RED WON ! or BLUE WON ! or both in them. Most of them are from Forgotten Battles era. Somewhere between 4.08 and 4.09 I got desperate of waiting them to be fixed officially, so I fixed them myself but I wanted to change as little as possible to respect the work of the original mission designers, and after fixing the missions me and a bunch of other players also playtested and completed those mission on both sides RED and BLUE to see fixes really worked (This all happened by the time patch 4.09 was released)
Below you will find information why those missions were not working properly, what needed to be fixed and how was the mission changed:

Daidalos Team, is it possible to add fixes to future patch for these official missions that are still broken or am I too late?

\Missions\Net\coop\1IBCo-op3-HungaryBridge.mis is missing [Target] which makes RED WON ! and BLUE WON ! impossible
\Missions\Net\coop\1IBCo-op6-SeelowHeights.mis is missing [Target] which makes RED WON ! and BLUE WON ! impossible
\Missions\Net\coop\1IBCo-op8-FirstDay.mis is missing [Target] which makes RED WON ! and BLUE WON ! impossible
\Missions\Net\coop\3IBCo-op1-Stalingrad.mis is misbalanced and BLUE WON ! is 99% impossible
\Missions\Net\coop\3IBCo-op3-MistelBerlin.mis is missing "army" and "[Target] time" which makes RED WON ! impossible
\Missions\Net\coop\3IBCo-op5-ConvoyChina.mis is using "Target Ground" for non-stationary units which makes RED WON ! and BLUE WON ! impossible

All you would have to do would be to download a packet of fixed versions of those missions and integrate it to future patch:
http://relay.pp.fi/Gamepatch/IL-2%20Sturmovik%201946/IL-2%20Sturmovik%201946%20coop%20missions%20patch%20V 1.0.zip

If you do not like my fixes, you could do your own fixes, just do not leave these bugs behind since there may still be people who would like to play those missions and see them work. Thank you!