View Full Version : Odessa, "Never Again!" help? I'm stuck!

08-03-2011, 03:16 AM
I'm stuck on the second mission Never Again!. I'm playing on hard difficulty. I captured the three AA guns, and took out the planes. I am then asked to take out the artillery but I can't figure out how to get there? I've never been so stumped in a MOW/SHOWW2 game.

Am I supposed to take the boat to the west and drop my men off where all the mines are? They normally keep blowing up, but I have managed to sneak through near the shore. I don't know why it recommends fixing up the light tank because it gets blown up by a mine or a tank as soon as I move it. Even if I DID manage to get it, it's only armament is a machine gun? It seems almost useless..

So I snuck into the main base but my strategies don't seem to be working. I air striked one of the AA guns near the supply truck and stole the second one, and tried fighting off the waves of infantry but I was surrounded on all sides and my squad was nearly wiped out. I might have been able to do it, but I don't consider putting my squad in that much danger very good tactics.

Against my usual strategy (I try not to lose a man) I even tried a diversion by blowing something up with one man and sneaking the other 7 around, which still doesn't seem to work because I can't sneak by anywhere. I haven't given up with the diversion strategy, but it seems kind of abnormally hard to be the right way.

What am I supposed to be doing? How did other people accomplish this objective?

08-03-2011, 05:34 AM
I snuck a guy in and stole a tank from a hanger. Then it was basically guerrilla strikes to whittle them down bit by bit.

08-03-2011, 06:08 PM
Oh yeah, I see those three tanks. They sure look like they'd come in handy.

08-04-2011, 07:37 PM
I couldn't get any of the tanks out, the doors seem to be to small, I just had to grind it out to finish the mission.

08-04-2011, 09:23 PM
The middle door on the tank hangar is big enough to drive out manually. I stole three tanks and the mission became so easy I felt kind of like I was cheating. By the time reinforcements came I already had the base destroyed and I didn't get to have much use for those cute little armored cars or the howitzers . Oh well. Does anyone remember what those armored cars were called?

07-03-2021, 08:38 AM
Hello Rob. Since this is from 2011 thread, I couldn't help asking a question. Have you solved the Odessa, "Never again" mission? A lot of guys give up on this strategy because of what it is, yes, difficult. But I found a way to beat them without losing any of my men.
First take the boat to the island and clear all enemies there. Leave your men in hiding and do it solo with grenades and change covers. When you strike at a target and then quickly get out of the area, the enemy will investigate and find nobody. Then a little while later, when they return to camp, you return to the spot by crawling along the edge of the land by the water, the enemy cannot see you. Manage to throw a grenade and immediately crawl back to the same spot down the edge of the water and back towards the direction of the camp where the chicken is being cooked, and finally into the bushes. Order another soldier to take the ridge (the hill) and crawl to the closed AA guns. Throw the grenade behind the enemy manning the gun and, just as you throw the grenade, immediately stand up and run for your life into the bushes above, duck and crawl away from the area unseen. If you're seen, bullets being sprayed in the area will certainly finish you off. At this time some enemy reinforcement trucks arrive. Lay low till things settle down a little. Or return to the other team and select another man freshly loaded with weapons. Send the new man back to the "hill" and crawl there midway before reaching the "hill". Then try and sneak across the road and over the other hill to the left. If you haven't been seen, continue with the mission of taking the other AA gun. This is more difficult to the first AA gun take-down, but if your wits are at necks end, you can still make it by accurately throwing a grenade just behind the enemy soldiers manning the gun. Crawl (prone) as close to the target as possible and if you made it close enough for the grenade to reach the target then throw it and run for your dear life immediately before the grenade explodes. Run sideways to avoid any bullets getting you until you reach the other side of the hill and out of view. When things are calm, return on the ridge and wait. Set other men in hiding to approach the enemy position at other point and be ready to ambush the rest of the enemies. Then select all of them and point the cursor on each enemy in swift action. Some of your men may be injured, but that depends entirely where you have placed them as cover, etc. When the area is taken down, immediately reload your team with stolen ammunition from the dead enemies, load the men to the neck, you may need all the men loaded for the next part of the mission, to take the heavy guns by the shore. Board the boat and return to the new coast that is mined. Most mines are blown by the tanks that are travelling in water, but there are more mines. There is one strategy that you could beat if you're carefully. Take your team leader and crawl low alongside the ridge of the cliffs (no mines there) until you reach a safe place. Then, one by one, do the same with the other men. Do not take all of them at once, as they start to stray wide and into the mines. The objective here is to follow the sheep (where one sheep goes, the other sheep follows - same track). The mission now is to take the heavy guns as early as possible (part of the game). Along the way to these guns, you have to eliminate some enemy sentries and patrolmen as you inch closer to the guns. Put your men under cover and go alone, crawl closer to kill the enemy first. For each kill, if possible, get up and run, or crawl back away from the spot you made the kill. Remaining there would mean stray bullets will get you. Also, remain by the edge of the cliff so you will not alert a tank in the vicinity. When all the enemies nearest to you have been killed, inch closer to the truck near the first heavy gun and blow away the machine gun with a grenade. As with before, once you throw the grenade, before it lands on the target, start running away from it, or you will be shot by the nearby enemies. With the machine gun eliminated, go back to crawling position and within rifle range, kill any closest enemy, and always run or change position but never in the direction of that tank on stand-by. Finally, let it rest, then return to throw a grenade to the first heavy gun. If successfully, use those machine guns near the heavy guns to kill the rest in the vicinity, and even those who rush out of buildings. Once the heavy guns are unmanned, get your men to come our of their cover and place some of them on machine guns and the rest on the heavy guns. Redirect the heavy guns towards positions in the battlefield outside of the town and aim on each defensive enemy tanks and cannons placed in position, fire at them, blow them to smithereens. Scan the building roofs with the cursor, if it turns into a hairline, blow that too. Leave no place unexplored. Then redirect the big guns back towards the mined area and as far as they are able to reach the targets, blow them all until the guns run out of munitions. You may have to roll the guns out of their position to reach distant targets across the town. But be wary of the tank by the garage in the middle of the town. You can take down that tank at the beginning or you can take it down after you're taken charge of the 3 heavy guns. Either way, that tank is the reason, many gamers fail to complete this mission. Cheers.