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05-23-2011, 01:59 AM
Hello, I bought Men of War package on Steam a while ago, and I enjoy the game but I seem to be unable to get artillery to work.. And the missions in red tide is just impossible to do without artillery.. Ive tried making them attack ground and infantry/vehicle targets and they just dont want to fire :S
If i aim at tank, they change to AP and if infantry HE, and i cannot figure out how to make them fire... And yes they do have ammo and a two person crew.
Help please!


07-24-2011, 05:08 PM
most of the artillery in the game is 'direct fire only' so you need unobstructed line of sight for the artillery piece to engage automatically - you could always take direct control of the gun and use it to destroy any intervening buildings/vehicels etc - this is a very useful tactic in one or two of the single player missions.

About the only weapons that fire over cover are grenades, mortars and howitzers - the 150mm heavy howitzes that appear in some of the missions are awesome powerful once you manage to capture them - but they usually only have about 19 rounds of HE so plan each shot to the best advantage.

In direct control mode you can force the gun to use whichever type of ammo/shell (AP or HE) you wish rather than the UI making an automatic selection based on the tpye of target - which is usually AP for armored vehicles and HE for 'softies' and troops

hope this helps and answers your query?

P.S. Steam FTW - lol