View Full Version : im looking for high res skins

12-11-2023, 07:39 AM
i remember having high res skins for all my planes back in the day.
Im having a dificult time finding skins to make my game look nicer.

i have looked in mission 4 today and other sites and i have only been able to find 1 skin for the MIG 3ud ..... can someone point me to a good place i can find good high res skins for the game?

12-19-2023, 09:53 AM
Mission4Today is probably the best place to ask this question.

Since you mentioned checking M4T already, I assume you don't actually have an account to allow you to post your question there, but I would recommend opening one. It's free, and well worth the effort.

The talented skinners there will usually make skins for you if the skins don't already exist. You just need to specify exactly what you want. :cool:

12-21-2023, 08:44 AM
thank you

02-16-2024, 01:52 AM
In my opinion, Reddit can be a valuable resource for finding user-created content for games. You can look for subreddits dedicated to your game or to flight simulators in general. You may find Buckshot Roulette (https://buckshotroulette.com) posts where players share links to high-resolution skins or where you can request them from other users.