View Full Version : Any 416 news?

10-08-2023, 12:54 AM
Havent heard anything in a while, was just wondering if 416 is still in development? Looking forward to flying the DC-3/LI-2.

10-12-2023, 07:24 PM
I'll be happy when I can build missions with moving ships in the mission again.... Instead of having to build the missions in an older version and then transferring the whole file to 4.15.1

10-16-2023, 12:28 PM
... wondering if 416 is still in development? ...

I was asking that question privately myself the other week because I couldn't find anything recent from DT anywhere on the internet, and I was shown an aviaskins public discussion thread where DT is trialling a rebuilt graphics library for the old '1946'! I was also reassured that Sita is still around, despite his silence in the forums, so that's great!

I don't know any more, except _1SMV_Gitano is progressing new maps and map fixes. What will actually be ready for inclusion in the next patch I have no idea, but at least it shows that the game is indeed still in development! :cool:

Regarding the ships (deep water) bug, I did some testing on this with _1SMV_Gitano and he was able to identify the cause of this problem. I can't say if the fix will be included in the next patch or not, but I certainly hope so!

10-16-2023, 03:28 PM
Sounds good. Thank you for the information.

11-02-2023, 04:03 PM

I cannot add much to what JacksonsGhost said becaus I haven't been in the touch with the others lately.

What I can say is that I feel uncomfortable with some of the changes to the core game but yt2, DT's main programmer, seems insensitive to any appeal in this regard.
I had also pointed out to him that, in the last release version, the water bug was not fixed but again no reaction at all.

I don't know what else is in development, The C-47 family was in an advanced stage, and very promising, but I haven't heard anything on this either.

11-24-2023, 09:36 AM
they are trying out a new graphics library? :grin: