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07-27-2022, 01:58 PM
Just got up and running thanks to the superb help rendered by fellows here and have some basic ju 52 observations/questions.

1. dosnt seem to have any prop pitch controls
2. must change fuel mixture over 1200m
3 how do you drop cargo, i found the fallshimjager with pods but for regular box cargo what is the set up?
4. has ability to carry bombs, has gunner underneath which is still ai, does it have bomb sight? my change to other pits put me in rear gunners seat.

Once again thanks to all who helped me out to get up and running.

07-28-2022, 09:10 AM
i hope it helps

08-01-2022, 06:18 PM
The largest one had a page of engine data in section 10. Lots to peruse, but the loads in game seem to have no droppable cargo except the 4 cargo pods for paratroopers. And the default winter skin gives us the Red Cross markings for stationary aircraft.

All the loads except bomber and paratrooper are cosmetic only??

are older missions performing cargo drops now invalid, if no boxes then no drop? Just made a mission in 4141 and it uses 16 paratroopers, playing it in 415 gives you 12 paratroopers and 4 pods, still 16 but lower gunner bathtub regardless of mission date.