View Full Version : Is HyperLobby RIP? Some help to join servers here!

09-26-2021, 10:07 AM
Hyperlobby is back on... Never mind..

I think this is day 3 of no HyperLobby, is HL gone for good?
I have tried to log in to the site and it won't take my name or password. Someone did post that HL's META server was down on the site but, no replies yet.

For now there is this site to find games:

You can join games by getting the IP that is listed on that site and then putting the IP and port number in your game to join a server or, join that site and click the server to join..

The FUN~4~ALL servers can be joined with these IP's: FUN~4~ALL~413.4 FUN~4~ALL~414.1

If anyone knows more about this, please post it!
Thank you all! Dusty