View Full Version : Formation Error in Dgen Campaign

12-31-2018, 12:44 PM
Hi everyone,

I have noticed a Bug with Bomber Formations in the standard Dgen Campaigns since the last Patch (4.13.4)
I´ve started a new Romanian Stuka campaign on Kuban 43 on the lowest rank. It generates two flights. One with four Planes and one with two Planes.
Sometime after Take-off the the flight leader of the second flight always crashes into the last plane of the first flight in the formation. It looks like those two planes want to take the same spot in the Formation, get too close and collide ultimately.
I havent checked yet if the same problem occurs also in other campaigns.

My only solution to this is currently to start the campaign at a higher rank so I can change the Formation.

Maybe someone has a solution to this Problem.

01-01-2019, 02:05 AM
I don't know how to modify DGen, but in the case of a specific mission if you edit the mission file to a set formation instead of default it has solved the problem in my experience. I think TD needs to take a look at the default formation settings in general.

For example, the Finnish B-239 N1 mission has this bug. Some of the SB bombers collide with the lead flight while trying to form up on it. This results in the player being given the “Mission Complete” message before even sighting the enemy. But if the SB formations are set to Echelon Right formation instead of Default (which looks like Echelon Right anyway) the problem is fixed.