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05-10-2011, 01:27 AM
Hello all.
I just got Men Of War over the weekend, from Steam and I'm totally hooked. So I found out it had a map editor, and since I've made a lot of maps for some games I found the editor to be really great.

But how do I play my map outside of the editor? I've read all of the posts here and there seems to be different folders depending on what system you have. I think I've tried everything but no go.

I downloaded a mod to test this with because I'm not sure I named my map correctly. Yup, called it Test01 LOL
Should it have been 0? I remember reading that somewhere.

I purchased MOW from Steam so I looked in my C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/Men of War folder and tried creating a mods folder there. No good.
Checked in C:\Documents and Settings\Gary\My Documents\My Games\men of war\profiles\player\save
Not there either

I'm on Windows XP SP3

Can someone please help me? :cool:

I found a link that tells of how to name everything but I still can't figure out what folder to add it to because the game was installed by Steam.

After some digging, I got it working since most of you must not have bought your game through Steam.

This video tells how to make a Multiplayer map and it was easy once that I found the correct path to the Steam games.