View Full Version : Need smart mapping defaults for popular hotas/joysticks

02-27-2011, 08:05 PM
Why not include default control mapping for all of the most popular Hotus and good quality joysticks on the market. By this I mean in the setup menu a list of popular controllers are listed and the user selects the one they have. The mapping is determined by the game developers who we assume have the most experience of where specific functions and views should be mapped for that specific controller. The single most frustrating aspect for a newcomer to Combat Flight Simulators is trying to make their joysticks/controllers to work in such a way that they can enjoy playing the game within an hour or so of installing it. Asking a new person to the game to map various aircraft controls to their flight controller is asking too much to someone who has no experience yet flying an advanced aircraft with many functions/views/weapons etc. Of course the sim developers can't create setup menu driven maps for all possible controllers but providing the top ten or so that are currently available would be a great start. Keeping the ability for the player to change mapping for their own custom use would be kept.

Once a user has set their mapping (by one of the defaults or their own custom) of their contollers (keyboard/mouse/motion detector/ hotas/ a printout should be available that they can tape up next to their monitor for quick reference. The printout should be formatted by controls the pilot is likely to use for various actions-- starting-taxi, dogfight, bombing strafing, landing night missions etc.

White Owl
02-27-2011, 08:58 PM
If somebody isn't willing to spend some time formatting the controller(s), will they honestly have the patience to learn this game? Or any combat flight sim?

Setting things up for my personal equipment and flying style is an integral part of the entire IL-2 experience. Besides, the best way to remember what button a function is mapped to is to assign it yourself.

02-27-2011, 10:09 PM
All I want is a way to map from the game itself. Seen to many flight sims, particularly Micro soft that did not give the option in the game. I love the way IL-2 is setup where it is all contained in the game itself. Hopefully this will be the case with COD>