View Full Version : Damage mixup

08-18-2010, 01:27 PM
Hey all, I am an experienced user and have not played around for quite some many months now. I am creating a map and mini mod, (not going to discuss it just yet but it's in my opinion fantastic :D). Though a small problem has popped up and im not sure where its roots are or what has caused it.

The problem is simple, all infantry on 'Team 0' (grey) are only taking a small amount of damage from explosions such as grenades or shells. The gray player's units take only about 5%? damage from explosions and grenades. Grey can still damage red (enemy) players units easily

Another interesting fact is that it only affects existing units not newly placed units belonging to grey. So if I place a new unit, he will take explosion damage as per normal.

A few notes, I originally started creating the map in 'Easy' difficulty mode. I have only changed it to 'Hard' as of today but havn't seen and difference.

As I said before, I am creating a mini mod and I have played around with many many files. I have a very good idea of what im doing for the most part, and It has not caused any problems that I can remeber in the past.

If anyone has any ideas or know of this problem please let me know, I really don't want to have to remake every unit on the map, which may not even help anyway.