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slavic corndog
07-29-2010, 11:20 PM
What's the life stone for? All I want to do is finish this darn game, but I'm stuck. I completed all three keeper summoning rituals, I have the life stone and don't know what to do with it, and I can't get past those initial two gates at the flying isle ruins.

Someone please ruin all of these surprises for me because I've invested enough time already!

08-04-2010, 05:33 AM
Hey, ive just finished the game, and i had the same problem. I couldnt find a way to open those gates. Well first, you have to make sure you have everything you need to complete that part of the game, otherwise you wont be able to open some magic gates.

You need the life stone, which you already have, you need that magic staff from the Hunters clan leader, which you can buy from him for 5000 gold (if you have completed all the hunters clan quest, you can buy cheaper, 3000 gold) and you need the fragment of the Lords bracelet. To get this fragment of bracelet, you need that fragment of gold coin you get from the wishing well, and to show it to the magus on that road to Hydaville. Hell tell you that the fragment of gold coin is actually a fragment of the Lords Bracelet.

And dont forget to use the elixir of life on that magic staff you get from the leader of the hunters clan.

Now, when you are on that room on the flying isle ruins, go to the gate to your left (considering the direction in which you enter that area), place your main character very close to the gate, and then click on a column (which is actually a lever) beyond the gate, which can be easily identified, when you place your cursor over it, itll change to that "hand icon" which means you can use that. Then your character will automatically shoot with a bow or crossbow through the gate and hit the lever, thus opening it. As you can see, you need a bow or crossbow as your second weapon for your main character.

Now you go into that room, kill some easy monsters and then you have to touch a torch near a wall, which will open the gate on the other side on the main initial room. Go there, kill some undeads, and then youll find the first magic gate. To open it, just equip that staff ive mentioned, and itll disappear from your inventory. From there on you should have no problems opening the magic gates, except for the last one. Be ready for some really tough fights though. Youll have to kill a lot of very powerfull skeleton mages, which keep coming back to life when you kill them. It was very difficult for me.

Well, as i said, the last magic gate is kind of tricky, because the game gives you no clue on how to open it, i found the solution on a translated russian FAQ ive found here. Just get a character with a staff (i used the magus on my party) and click on the pillar there. Itll open the last gate. Once again, there will be many skeleton mages for you to kill. After you deal with them, youll have the last fight. From there you should have no problems.

Ive tried to help as much as i can, but if you have any doubt, just ask.

Overall i enjoyed the game, even though it has a lot of flaws. I had never played a Konung game before, but ill certainly try Konung 1 and 2.