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07-07-2010, 10:59 PM
Hello, I'm working on a level, but I want custom names for my units, not the names you can choose from. Is there anyway you can do this? any help would be much obliged! :grin:

07-08-2010, 10:16 AM
its a file in Localization folder...idk what it is but one of them has all the names of all the nations in it...I think its Lang.something...idk

06-19-2011, 06:32 AM
1 - put down the MP on the map eg: if you want a russian place a russian
2 - click on him to open the properties sidebar, scroll down the sidebar until you see "breed" click expand on that.
3 - look on the left to see all the types of breeds, right click and copy whichever one(it doesnt matter)
4 - it'll come up with save under, and thats where you change his name, bare in mind '_' underscore is used instead of 'spaces'
5 - have a look in your MP list and then in that race you chose and he should be there.

i havent figured out how to show his actual name when in-game eg when you scroll over him it comes up with nothing, but in the info section his name is there.
you can also change the stats of any unit in that breeds section - however! do not change vital breeds because sometimes it may screw up and any map with those breeds will just crash so yeah. make sure to only copy those units.
hope this helps

06-21-2011, 04:04 PM
To give soldiers custom names lets start by going into Breeds/single/rus. Next, copy paste say, rifle.set. Now, rename it to anything you want, I renamed my soldier's .set file majorcole. Now open your newly created and renamed .set file with wordpad or something of the sort.

In there you should see a layout similar to:

{behaviour soldier}
{skin "usa_soldier_new2"}
{portrait "can_mgun"}
{icon "mg2"}
{icon_priority 0}
{nationality can}
{body new_armor_can}
{head us_ach}

Now to make it so your able to give it your own custom name you have to simply add {hero} here:

{behaviour soldier}
{skin "jeydon"}
{portrait "Cole"}
{icon "cole"}
{icon_priority 2}
{nationality can}
{body new_armor_c}
{head us_ach}

Now, after adding {hero}, save and close the file. Now find your way over to Localization/desc.lng and open it. Next, find your way down the list till you see


keep scrolling down until you see


Next, find the line in that {rus list that reads

{"rifle" "Rifleman"}

and copy paste it into that same list.

Next you will have to rename your newly copy pasted line by changing:


To whatever you had renamed your .set file in the breeds folder.

I changed it to majorcole in the breeds folder so for me it was


The "Rifleman"} is the spot where you put whatever name you want and that will be the soldiers name in game. I used Cole Sprouse, so the line for me after read:

{"majorcole" "Cole Sprouse"}

One thing to know is use only lower case letters when you rename your .set file and make sure it is the same in the first part of the .desc, so "rifle", ensure is lower case or else the name doesnt register correctly in game, you get desc/single/rus.....instead of the name you chose. I found that out after all the american soldiers I modded were all messed up in that way.

02-04-2012, 10:59 AM
how exactly do you open a unit in the notepad, the way you are talking about?

02-04-2012, 04:37 PM
If you look in the games main directory you will find the Localization file. Open it with Winrar and you will see several files. Among them is one named dlg_ingame.Ing. Open this one with WordPad and you will find all the names for individual soldiers in the game. You can add any names you want to the list and they will show up in the game.