View Full Version : A tips for JES013.

04-27-2010, 05:19 AM
How to steal a tank.

It depends, if it is a mobile tank turret, that is broken 360.
- Takes a soldier with an anti-tank grenade and drag to the tank without realizing it, primarily by their sides or side and throw a grenade into the turret.
- Ready turret is damaged and enemy soldiers to leave the tank and you can kill or be burned in the explosion.
- And if you're lucky, you will find in your inventory a toolbox to repair.
- This tip is more for the last mission there toolboxes in some vehicles.

But if the tank turret is fixed.
- Simple, take a drive, drag it near the tank and throw a grenade into their anti-tank caterpillar.
- And now bet some men even side of the tank, disabling the option attack and wait until the enemy soldiers fall to repair the origin and bushes. One after another until all are dead.
- Observation, this tip, is mainly to the last assignment and where there are enemy units near the tank.

I hope you serve someone, principalente new.