View Full Version : How to create my own customized missions?

04-20-2010, 12:07 AM
Its possible to take a map, put some units etc, and play it from the game itself? Like skirmish, I mean, me agaisnt pc.
I mean, I know we can modify the original missions by creating a mod and name the folder with the same original's mission name.

But what about to create a new map?

There is some way to play it after finished?

NOTE: Im not talking about multiplayer.

04-20-2010, 06:23 AM
if you mean making a map and playing a game in the map you made then yes you can play in the map you made and adding your own units and fight against the pc.

if you want to know how?

look it up many of us already post answer to question like this.

06-06-2010, 07:27 PM
1. create folder ...Men of War\mods\your_mod\
2. create file "mod.info" with following entry and save this file to ...Men of War/mods/your_mod/mod.info

{name "your_mod"}
{desc "bla... bla ... bla"}
{name "your_mod"} must be the same as y name from modfolder.

3. create folder ...Men of War\mods\your_mod\resource\map\multi\my_map\ and move all files (*.ply, *.net, *.mi ...) from your map into this folder. (for multiplayer maps)

y will dont find any "step-by-step" tutorial, because modding MoW is too complex. but y can change all files from game.
y will find all changeable files in ...Men of War\resource\*.pak or ...Men of War\resource\entity\*.pak
y can open all *.pak or *.pat files with WinRar or WinZip.

verry important: when y want change any file -> copy this file from *.pak file to y mod folder. (never change any file in original *.pak files)

the folderstructure in y mod folder must be the same as in *.pak file.
eg. ...\resource\game.pak -> battle_zone.set in ...\set\multiplayer\games ->
in y mod: ...Men of War\Mods\your_mod\resource\set\multiplayer\games\b attle_zone.set

eg. ...\resource\entity\E1.pak -> ...\-vehicle\cannon\d1 ->
in y mod: ...Men of War\Mods\your_mod\resource\entity\-vehicle\cannon\d1

ps. when y want test/change anything with GEM editor (e.g. maps...) y must 1st activate y mod in gameoptions