View Full Version : Non updating mission objectives?

12-29-2009, 10:06 PM
So, I have been adding units into the SP Campaign missions and it for whatever reason makes the game go on for ALOT longer then normal...specifically the "Moscow is behind us" mission. It normally only takes like 20 minutes or so for the defense line to update and since I added units I was there for like over an hour and it never did update. Also, on Evacuation the train loaded to 100% like twice as fast and instead of ending the mission it treated it as if it was still at like 75% loaded and the game ended at 170% loaded. Sooo yeah whats goin on with that.

Also, in the editor what team do you have to place your guys as to see them and use them?? I have, w/o a problem edited Evacuation...that was it and it was as simple as placing the unit on the map, setting it to team 1, setting it to controller: user and saving then messing w/ the save game files a bit......but then there are these other maps, Moscow, Arsenal, Trap, Crossroads and Crossing. On the map the units clearly show me as player 1, but then I place my guys as player 1 and then in game they start shooting each other or they dont show up. So I try player 0 and they shoot each other. Then there are other maps where I am player 2 but I set my guys as player 2 and they shoot each other...so its like in this editor im team 1 yet not team 1, but im also not team 0 or team 2 but I am, at the same time team 2.....I must say this editor's idea is pretty basic....set a unit and set a team, save the game and play......ive dont it on quite a few maps all with the same problem...I guess enough i finally get the team right. would be nice to know what team to put my guys as so I dont have to do that guess work........

12-30-2009, 11:10 PM
That's happened to me as well. After I've changed something in a saved game sometimes the game won't progress, "Moscow behind Us" for example, the first time I changed something in that I had to order all my troops back to the second line of defence before the game would move on to the second part. Most of the time that really works for me. That Train mission in particular, I've been trying to make it go on until I get tired or everybody 's dead. So far all I've been able to do is delay.

01-01-2010, 06:12 AM
ahh, so you have to order all your guys back...soo if i order them all back early then it will activate it? I always wondered how it activates.....I thought there was some strange connection between me retreating and it activating....The Train mission finished for me at like 170% and i never did lose the front...even w/o editing I dont lose the front. THe key to winning that mission is keeping your T34 alive