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12-10-2009, 09:59 PM

I am having an issue on the third mission when you jump on the AA guns to take out the german planes in the sky. I can't seem to hit them. I only took down one leaving two more, but the AA guns are slow and don't fire that fast. It also doesn't help that when the german planes appear they are pretty much right over the AA guns making it almost impossible to lead them. Any ideas? Thanks!


12-10-2009, 10:18 PM
Don't use direct control mode. Select the AA guns and click on the planes when they are start to come towards you. It shouldn't take that long to get the planes.

12-10-2009, 11:34 PM
Don't use direct control mode. Select the AA guns and click on the planes when they are start to come towards you. It shouldn't take that long to get the planes.

Cool! I will definately give that a try. Thanks!


12-31-2009, 07:44 AM
First and foremost, hello to all, this is my first post here. I just love this whole series; by far some of my all-time favorite games. Anywho, I apologize in advance for the length of this post, but I am a bit frazzled atm...this particular mission has been kicking my a$$ all day!

I decided that to savor the game since I am a huge fan of the first 3, and since I tend to regret whipping through all the missions on normal difficulty (inevitably I wind up replaying most of them on hard anyways), I decided for Red Tide I would play through the whole thing on hard right from the get go. I accept the fact that this decision has resulted in painstakingly slow progress, but honestly, I just don't understand if I am missing something or what is going on with the third mission in the Odessa "campaign."

Basically I started out with the usual 8 guys, took out the radio station first and made contact with my "reiforcements" (i.e. one dive bomber), cleaned out the dock area then crossed the body of water to the little island, captured the 3 AA guns and shot down the bf109's, and thus I have reached my impasse. Ok, I have 4 men left, one of which is stuck on the AA gun via some damn glitch, leaving me with 3 guys to go back over to the mainland with, grab the T33 or whatever (goofy amphibious thing armed only with a machine gun!?), and somehow battle my way through the heavily fortified Romanian lines to the 3 artillery guns and take them out.

How in gods name is this even possible!?!? I am at a total loss, even if I had my full compliment of 8 little men, there is still like 50+ Romanian infantry in their sector, at least 15 light/medium tanks (all with a cannon at the very least), various AA/AT guns, and a minefield. That T33 is practically worthless btw, its like a tin can. So far I've tried sneaking in; which is impossible because it is swarming with enemy, I've tried rushing for the three empty Romanian tanks smack-dab in the middle of their sector and stealing them; impossible to get away with, I've tried racing to the guns outright; again no way possible, I've tried flanking all the way around to the other landing beach and making my approach from there; can't blow past the heavy concentrations of Romanian armor and at. I just don't get it...

Sometimes I miss the obvious, so forgive my ignorance, but if someone could share with me their strategy or enlighten me to whatever I am missing I'd greatly appreciate the input. Thanks in advance to anyone with a suggestion.

12-31-2009, 09:49 AM
Hi all, also new here...

First of all, trying to defeat the Odessa Campaign in Hard straight from the beginning deserves the respect from all of us ;)

Now, I remember defeating that mission in Normal, by taking the boat (forget about that T-something-amphibious useless piece of junk) and disembark on the right beach (the one close to the front line). Then sneak your way to the 2 pieces of artillery close to the coast line. There are few Romanian troops guarding the guns, but it should not be too difficult to take them out.

Then using the artillery, shoot everything that moves, starting with the incoming armours.

Also, I should advise that you really should try to keep your sabotage crew entire, otherwise storming the artillery and facing the incoming Romanian would be tough. Also try to move swift, so the enemy attention would be draught to their front line.

In general, I find RT even harder than MoW. Finishing everything in "Hard" will be ... hum... challenging :D

01-01-2010, 12:19 AM
Thanks for the input ehlokeay. I think I was just really strung-out yesterday from getting mollywhopped and couldn't see a light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. I went back to an earlier save in which I still had my full compliment of men and replayed through the mission from about the docks onward.

I found it was helpful to pull a little "side mission" and clean out that little bit of the map showing where the major concentration of Romanians show up after securing the AA guns (...with the 3 sandbagged mg's behind the minfield, and where the T33's will be beached). From there I basically took care of the AA guns again making sure to safeguard my numbers, which was no problem today for some reason (yesterday an additional tank plus 15 infantry showed up right after I secured them and laid into me...).

I then simply took my time slowly sabotaging and working my way through to the howitzer gun objective (...lots of house clearing with nades, acquiring a tank, and saving about every 2 min did the trick). I was relieved that once I neutralized the 3 artillery pieces an entire wave of Russians attacked the sh*t out of that trench line, pretty much doing the cleanup job for me.

I am looking forward to trying to defend Sevastopol, although at first glance it looks like a rather rigid defense with little customization possible, kinda disappointing since I love the set-piece micromanagement battle, oh well...

01-01-2010, 10:12 AM
There is how i solve it.
First,I securured the radio station and get the small armored car armend with mg there.with that car i cleared the dock.Then I secured AA-guns,and shoot down the planes.After that i captured the t-33 get up to forest of villige(it s on left).Thats how I avoided the minefield.So then o fast-drived the tank luring the infratry to artirey.I killed the crewman and bombed the hell of defeces.

ps:sorry for my bad english