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bosnian dragon
10-25-2009, 01:50 AM
Hello MoW fans,

I've been working on my new and first official map pack for Men of War, and I've finally finished it.
It's been called after my nickname in order to keep track of my works easier, because I am planning on releasing more map packs in the future.

This map pack is actually a mod, which many of you probably already know how to install and run in-game. For those who are new to MoW modding and mapping, the instructions on how to install and play the mod can be found in the readme file, which is located inside of the archive.

The mod contains three new MULTIPLAYER maps:

- Sprecha River
- Svalbard Outpost
- Bosnian Woods v2




Each of these maps has a different setting and background story, which is written in order to provide some interesting things about the real world location related to the map. You can find all the info inside of the .txt files provided in the download.

For now, I've only decided to make Battle Zones and Combat modes for multiplayer, Victory Flag still remains a mistery for my editing skills, so if anyone knows how to make Victory Flag work properly, please inform me here or at my e-mail which is also provided in the readme file. I will make sure to mention you in the credits for my next map pack :beer:

Thanks for downloading and playing my maps, I really hope you will enjoy them!



I also invite all interested Men of War players to join my recently created FoW, MoW and SoWWII camp @ strategyinformer.com here :


That way we can stay organized and easily track new things (updates,mods and stuff like that) so everyone should join and contribute to the camp ;)

10-25-2009, 05:16 AM
Looks very nice, as soon as I fix my MoW i'll give it a try. Svalbard Outpost looks very interesting.

bosnian dragon
10-25-2009, 09:20 AM
Looks very nice, as soon as I fix my MoW i'll give it a try. Svalbard Outpost looks very interesting.

Thanks man, I really hope you will like it. Svalbard Outpost is 100% polar map, ice and freezing atmosphere ;)